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Trouble Comes In Threes

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Anybody else here uses Samsung Kies software?

That bit of software so poorly written it shouldn't have made past alpha stage but if you want to sync to your computer you have to use as their isn't an alternative.

Anyway this bit of pooh after the last update decided it wouldn't connect to my phone although the phone thought it was connected. Anyway there was another update so I added more pooh to the system by letting it update the present pooh.

Still wouldn't connect so I let it correct the connection errors which it didn't fix but removed the drivers for the network card.

Eh ? What? It's a usb connection you !""£$ software.

No problem dual boot so I downloaded the driver sin the clean os I've got.

While I was in the clean windows I thought I'll update the router since Draytek have released a ipv6 version of the firmware.

Upgrade went alright until the please reboot option. No reboot it sat happily refusing to reboot.

So power off and power on jobby.

Flashes it's lights then flashes it's lights in an endless reboot cycle.

So I pulled out my spare router which needed reconfiguring but should be simple.

However that didn't like firefox and after one change refused to talk to anything.

I gave up for the night otherwise I'd be throwing things around.

Today after a factory reset and then using IE got it back up and running. Biggest part was loading every network device back onto the system. That took a while.

Everything running brilliant ah I can't talk to my web cams over the internet.

Settings were correct just no go.

So after a while I decided to see if I could get my other router back into life.

Found the instructions on the web and reflashed with the same software.

It's alive.

Checked the settings in router for the cams and they were the same.

Swapped router over and I could see the web cams again.

So clearly the old router didn't support udp with the old firmware it had.

After all that samsung kies still doesn't work.

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