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Greensburg Tornado May 2007

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The May 2007 Tornado Outbreak was an extended tornado outbreak that started on May 4, 2007, affecting portions of the Central United States. The most destructive tornado in the outbreak occurred on the evening of May 4 in western Kansas, where about 95% of the city of Greensburg in Kiowa County was destroyed by an EF5 tornado.[ The supercell killed at least 13 people including 11 in Greensburg and two in Pratt County by a separate tornado. At least 60 people were injured in Greensburg alone. It was the strongest tornado of an outbreak which included several other tornadoes reported across Oklahoma, Colorado, Kansas and South Dakota that occurred on the same night. 25 tornadoes were confirmed that night.

The outbreak did not end there; a total of 84 tornadoes were confirmed reported on May 5 in the same area. Most were in open country but one fatality was reported in Ottawa County, Kansas near a county lake. Fourteen more tornadoes were confirmed on May 6 in the same general area before the activity subsided.


A meteorological analysis of the tornado outbreak.


Satellite perspective of the tornadic storms on the evening of May 5, 2007

The center of Greensburg, twelve days after being hit by the tornado



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