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As my file is to big to put on my profile this is a pic of me took last week 

Me ☺️

Might regret this but here goes.....   Also uploaded a photo of my cat, because why not?

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  • 3 weeks later...

A few family photos, I'd like to share with you.

image.thumb.png.4b6cf698b9f556ef5ddaca6662d9a98e.png image.thumb.png.b0c2d85b6c7abcd8e708974d25503668.png

Yours truly and the good lady, getting hitched at Sidcup Registry Office (N.W.Kent), in Feb 2010. We had some very fine snowflakes, when we were having our photos taken. Yes I know I look like her Father, giving Colette away. It's been said before, many times. My excuse, I am ten years older than my Wife.


My Wife with my Stepson above, although she looks young enough, to be his girlfriend. This was taken just after I coloured Colette's hair. I was very proud of the result but of course those with Italian blood do have a knack, when it comes to hairdressing. Pfft!!



Here are my two children above, Antony was about 4 and Hayley was around 18 months, then. My current Wife says Hayley reminds her of a Cabbage Patch Doll!!:oldgrin: They are now 37 and 35, respectively. I talk a lot about them on the Forum. Antony is now very ill with Huntington's Disease. Hayley also has the mutant gene and will became ill as well, in time. It's a very cruel disease. They inherited HD from their Mother (my first Wife Jackie, seen below):


image.thumb.png.546fde7c43c14fdf3d6b3042e9357f1b.png image.thumb.png.e94c8a20d556ee243dc1bfc2ad1b71d1.png

Mum and Dad above, on their Wedding Day. My Mother was Italian, from 30 miles north of Naples. Dad was in the British Army, although he was half English/half German, ironically. Dad was seriously wounded in Northern Italy and flown south to Bari, (on the Adriatic Coast). He was then placed on the Military Police and stationed in Mum's home town of Caserta. The Allies occupied the Royal Palace there. Dad was detailed to patrol a local Bakery, where Mum was working. Local "yobs" were hassling the girls that worked there, stealing money and produce. They started to get to know each other and courted, heavily chaperoned by Mum's brothers, of course!! The rest is history, as they say. 


Tom.  :hi:




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1 hour ago, Jemma Croton said:

Love those pics Tom


I hear you on the age thing. I’m 34... my current plaything is 19 ??

Thank you Jemma, your photos are very nice too. Yes, Colette is ten years younger than me and has that Irish brown eyed/brunette thing, "going on", which I'm very partial too. Colette, apart from some Irish blood, also has a bit of Indian blood, too. When I first met her, she bore a striking resemblance to Dervla Kirwan (Ballykissangel/Goodnight Sweetheart,etc).

image.thumb.png.49ca4fb10e595dcb192c940cbdc54292.png Crossed with an Italian singer, called Giorgia image.png.ca7d51d8ec9d2b37523b6c5becd878af.png

Hence, I was smitten!!


Tom.  :hi:

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