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Email Failing To Send From Mobile To Ipad.

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I am trying to send emails from my HTC Android phone to my iPad with attachments but they aren't arriving on to my Hotmail account. They are sending ok from the mobile but getting lost in the ether somewhere. They were arriving ok up to yesterday.

Any ideas about what I can do folks. Any help would be really appreciated.

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    • By Keraunic
      Could it be a faulty charger? My iPad wont take a charge properly and when I do try and charge it, it seems weird. For example...I have been charging it overnight and when I got up this morning it had only gone up to 45% charge and that's super slow. Then, when I plugged it in to a different socket...it started charging normally again...then stopped at 95%. When I disconnected the charger it immediately dropped to 87%. So, like I say...weird. And now it's running down again.
      Any advice from other iPad owners would be appreciated as if I need to buy a new battery I'm b****red as they are sooooo expensive.
      I have iPad 2 running IOS 6.1
    • By Keraunic
      Yesterday, I upgraded my iPad 2 from IOS 5 to IOS 6. I regret it. It's rubbish and now I am finding it very difficult to change back. I've lost my YouTube app, the existing apps don't upgrade as easily and it's a nightmare I could well do without.
      Now, to change back I have to log in to iTunes and that in its self is a pain. I'd forgotten my Apple I'd and requested a new pass word. Ok, fine; but I STILL can't log in as iTunes or Apple or whoever STILL won't recognise new pass word. Grrrr. It's so frustrating. Why do they make it so difficult?
      So, if anyone can advise me as to an easier way, please do as I'm losing my patience. But if any one is considering upgrading to 6, my advice is....don't. Oh...and the maps are no different at all. RUBBISH!!!
      I'm annoyed.
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