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"will It Rain?" Nw Forecast Question

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does anyone know when the rain forecast is run please?


I know it is 4 times a day but at what time please?

It also says the figures are for total amounts each day, but surely they only total future amounts, rather than back casting the day?

eg a forecast at 6pm will forecast the total from 6pm-midnight as opposed to midnight - midnight?

also - why don't the totals equal the same totals as the full 7 day, 3 hourly breakdown?


I've tried adding 8am-8am, 9am-9am and midnight-midnight totals, but none seem to tally. Are they from different forecasts?

thank you for any help.

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The will it rain feature will take into account future rainfall from the point the forecast was updated - the update times are the same as the 7 day forecasts, so approx 11:45, 17:45, 23:45 and 05:45.

They are using the same data as the 7 day forecasts so the figures will tally, although we don't show rain beneath 0.15mm on the 7 dayers (as it seldom reaches ground level) but that amount may be taken into account on the will it rain totals. The will it rain totals are also rounded.

We're actually about to update the will it rain feature with a new look and the addition of rain risk percentage to the page.

Hope that helps :)


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oh, and I assume it is a forecast until midnight is it Paul?

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