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Gavin P

Gavin's Week Ahead Forecast (16/6/12)

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Hello folks,

This is one of those weeks wher I just have to put my hands up and say the weather has got me pretty much stumped!

Thanks as always. smile.png

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Thanks Gavin - yes a difficult week to forecast, as you say, very much a wait and see nowcasting type of set up. We are more likely to see these types of weeks in summer than at any other time of year, as the atmosphere is often much more sluggish and low pressure systems tend to be much more 'flabby' and slow moving meandering about all over the place. I quite like summer for this reason, but it also makes for a very frustrating time for forecasters, giving them headaches and to those wanting to know how the weather may affect there holiday, event plans.

I really hope we don't see low pressure move in on Thursday as we have our olympic torch event next to the lake shore - standing in the pouring rain and wind, won't be very pleasant.. the lake district is at its most glorious in June, but this year, it really has been a poor show so far..

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