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Internet Advertising Cpm Etc

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First very quick question.

A specialist site in the finance industry with 45-70k impressions a month advertising space for 3 decent size adds, high quality content and visitor demographics of nearly 100 percent high value self investors uk based.

What would be the best way of generating income from advertising ?

Would be it independen sponsorship by 3 big Internet spenders, however I am not sure they want the hast,e of dealing with a small scale site. Also who monitors the site visits etc.

Would it be through things such as google ads (which netw) uses, easier but lower rates.

Or would it be too much of a risk to pay for click through rates

How much trouble is each option and what are the pro and cons, tbh I don't know much about this area so anything is helpful.

I've even seen rates quoted as high as £20 cpm for really good quality finance sites which also might be far too high in real life.

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