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Not sure if others are aware of it or not, but I've been having a good time trawling through the following synoptic archives:


Pressure charts at 6-hour intervals going back to the 1st January 1979, accompanied by 2m temperature projections and 6-hour precipitation (including diagnosis of convective and large-scale precipitation).

It means we can look back upon recent years in detail as well as surveying some of the more famous historic months (January 1979, December 1981, July 1983, January 1984, January 1987, February 1991 etc).

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Hey, great find. Will be very useful to help fill in the gaps from the main charts that just go from 00z to 00z. :)

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    • By darrenbuttoniow
      I was wondering if anyone can offer some advice on how to solve a problem with the temperature gauge on my weather station?
      I have one of these https://www.maplin.co.uk/p/maplin-professional-solar-powered-wi-fi-weather-station-n23dq and the temperature sensor seems to have gone.  It's currently reading 19.5c, when actually it's 11c.  It has been like this for a few weeks, so I contacted Maplins to see if they could direct me towards spares, as it is out of warranty.  
      They have come back via email today saying they do not keep spares or know where to get them from.
      Any advice on spares or how to get it working?
      Thanks in advance
    • By Dale Hay
      -50c ... I better get my coat.
    • By ZONE 51
      The general situation now is we have a deep low pressure on the scene, NAE surface pressure:

      A southwesterly flow that is unstable is bringing frequent lines of showers (call them streamers if you like) these are very heavy downpours some thundery and some could contain hail, also very windy.
      I want to throw in the lifted index from GFS the yellow showing the unstable airmass moving into the SW:

      There has recently been thunderstorms in the SW. These unstable conditions spreading more over the BI today, I'm showing the LI charts as this will enhance the downpours this morning increasing the potential for thunderstorms and so more intense rainfall. please see the convective thread for more on the thunder.
      Currently there are some intense lines of thundery downpours of rain as seen on the latest radar, these are affecting much of England (particularly SW) and parts of S-Wales too. 

      Lines of precipitation, especially the SE and it's here where the most prolonged showers could affect today.


      The model indicates some potentially disruptive rainfall over parts of the south, with IOW, Hampshire, Sussex and Kent also Surrey and London areas potentially severe weather today, and also the next day needs watching closely too. For Western Scotland, ppn models indicating high ppn amounts here today.

      This is for Wednesday 8th ^^
      NAE accumulation 00z +48:

      (just updated the map to inclu SW for the deeper oranges after radar review)
      My map is based on latest radar and ppn accm charts for today and tomorrow.

      (Please note that I have put deeper orange over Southern areas due to radar review and downpours and thunderstorms currently active in places and expected to continue today, more prolonged rainfall at times over the next 48hrs over Southern UK) Also note that high ppn is shown to affect Western Scotland over the next 36-48hrs too)
    • By ZONE 51
      Starting a new thread on the rainfall/precipitation from now and into the new year. This thread is to focus on the precipitation. The storm systems continue to sweep in from the Atlantic in the days ahead with disruption likely and with the continued and increased risk of more floods.
      Here is the Accumulated ppn charts from 3 models starting with GFS, these are up to Wednesday morning 1 January on New years day.



      It is more likely than not that some areas would see the amounts indicated on these models, if I post the written data from the EURO4 model:
        EURO4 DATA    SW England-Devon and Cornwall, Wales 30mm+   South coast of Ireland possibly 30mm   N-Wales - 40mm+   Southern England 12-15mm possibly a bit more in places   parts of Eastern Scotland-Grampian, Edinburgh and the Borders 30mm+   Northern England-Cumbria- 40mm - 50mm+   West Scotland -Glasgow, Ayrshire and Lanark,    Dumfries&Galloway - 30mm - risk of 40-50mm+   Irl of Man - 30-40mm   It's looking very wet for many through tomorrow.   I have used the 3 models to create a map on where the heaviest rainfalls could occur, inside the yellow zoned area is where heavy rainfall is most likely on Tuesday (tomorrow) within the orange zoned area the highest risk of the heaviest accumulated rainfall up to Wednesday morning with the deeper orange blobs where the largest totals are indicated.   Warning map is for Tuesday 31 December:   ESS
    • By BornFromTheVoid
      Thought a thread discussing the current global air temperatures and predictions might be of some use. By predictions, perhaps the climatically near term (next 30 years or so) would be best.
      Anyway, to start off, the NOAA State of the Climate report has been released for May. Here are some of the details
      I think it's quite interesting that we've managed the 3rd warmest May on record and 8th warmest year so far despite what are almost Nina conditions and plenty of cold spells around the northern hemisphere.
      Seems unlikely that we'll see a top 5 year with ENSO neutral/Nina conditions predicted to remain during the year.
      So what do people think? Will we see new record highs before the decade is out, perhaps during the next El Nino? Or pronounced cooling being felt due to the quiet sun? Or just continue posting top 15 years until a change arrives in the 2020s?
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