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Remember The Jupiter-venus-moon Occultation?

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Only a few months ago amateur astronomers had the spectacle in witnessing 2 close Occultations of Jupiter, Venus, and the Moon. With both Jupiter and Venus now rising in the East this same spectacle will be happening again across the early morning skies looking East, just before the sun rises.

The 17th June offers up the first opportunity of seeing this, however the sun will be starting to rise at the time of the Occultation (04.20am) and it's likely only Venus will be bright enough for visual reference.

The better opportunity comes between July 14th - 17th with all 3 celestrial bodies high above the horizon and out of the sun's morning glare. Joined along with Aldebaran, best timing for this Occultation is from 03.30am - 04.30am.

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Certainly do Snow_Joke. smile.png

This image taken on the evening of 12th March 2012 when both Venus and Jupiter were about as close as they would ever get.


Otherwise, as with other astronomical events of late, they either happen at stoopid O'clock in the morning or else it's cloudy. (Or both!)


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