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Some Interesting Satellite Imagery

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Was browsing through the modis (terra) near real-time subsets when I spotted something a little out of place on the thumbnail images between Australia and Antarctica.


I then had to have a gander at at a larger pic to see what it was, then look at the aqua version, taken a little later to see if it was still there. I thought the contrast between the clear skies and the ring of cloud surrounding it was quite spectacular!


A quick check for other satellite imagery on the BOM site, gave a IR image of the same area, showing the same circle, though not as clearly defined.


And the explanation for it was a simple high pressure system!


I realise it's not anywhere near as spectacular as some other shots (especially some of the storm chase pics!) but I find it impressive that a simple high pressure system can produce something that looks so impressive and slightly ominous too, like something punched a huge hole through the clouds!

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Interesting indeed BFTV, thanks for posting.

No probs. Might update this thread every now and then when I find something interesting.

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Much appreciated bftvbiggrin.png

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I saw this in work the other day and I have to say it's pretty unusual. Intense oceanic highs here are rarely as strikingly cloud clear as that!

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Here's an image of a picturesque storm system over the Kara/Laptev sea, with the Arctic ice pack to the left (north) and the northern Russian coastline to the right (south), taken by the MODIS sensor aboard the Aqua and Terra satellites. The island at the bottom of the picture is Novaya Zemlya, where many Russian nuclear tests took place, including the infamous Tsar Bomba.










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