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Statistics And Summaries May 2012

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May 2012, Lampeter, Ceredigion, Wales

Overall a rather average month: rather cool but then a very warm last week

A largely nondescript month with mostly cool and sometimes damp conditions, was remedied by some unusual May warmth and sunshine near the end. The high of 28c on the 25th being just short of the all time Welsh record for the month. Nothing else so noteworthy with respect to either temperature or rainfall, which ended up rather below average.

1st – 10th: Changeable with some rain at times but some sunny intervals too. Temperatures cool to average.

11th – 13th: A transient high pressure brought a short dry interlude with sunny spells. Cool with ground frosts by night, as low as 0.4c 13th.

14th - 15th: Rain and showers, plenty of hail, cool and windy.

16th – 18th: Mostly dry and milder, sunny intervals. Further ground frosts by night.

19th – 21st: Dry and became sunny with temperatures around average.

22nd – 30th: Clear with another ground frost 22nd, this heralding a prolonged warm to hot spell for the end of May. Mostly sunny with mild nights after 22nd. Unusually warm for May in west Wales during the 25th and 26th, both days exceeding 80f, the highest reading of 28.1c on the former, just short of the record of 29c for the Principality.

31st: A much cooler, dull and damp finale to the month.


Total rainfall: 52.7mm

Wettest day: 11.6mm 9th

Rain days >0.2mm: 12

Wet days >1.0mm: 9

Days of heavy rain >10mm: 1

Mean temperature: 11.9c

Mean Max: 17.3c

Mean Min: 6.4c

High Max: 28.1c 25th

Low Max: 11.4c 15th

High Min: 13.6c 26th

Low Min: 0.4c 13th

Air frost: 0

Ground frost: 7

Mean RH: 76%

High RH: 96% 2nd

Low RH: 42% 26th

Predominant wind directions: NW

Mean wind speed: 1.3mph

Mean pressure: 1017mbar

Max pressure: 1041mbar 12th

Min pressure: 1001mbar 10th

Days with:

Hail: 0

Gale: 0

Thunder: 0

Fog: 5

Fog at 0900: 0


Note to graphs: Some adjustments applied to maxima that are not apparent in the graphs

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Hobart - Capital city of Tasmania ( pop 200,000 ), sealevel, 2 miles from the ocean, backed by a 1270m/4200ft mountain range


May - Last month of autumn

This was the wettest May since 1986; and it consequently bridged the small rainfall deficet for the year. Most of the rain fell on 2 seperate days at either end of the month, as low pressure systems formed off the north east coast. Once again warmer than the 1981-2010 average; these decades are the warmest on record in Hobart.

Average maximum: 15.4 ( +0.3 )

Average minimum: 8.1 ( +0.5 )

Rainfall: 92mm ( Average 46mm )

Extremes in daily temperature

Highest maximum: 20.4 ( Record 25.7 in 1997 )

Lowest maximum: 10.7 ( Record 6.1 in 1921 )

Highest minimum: 12.4 ( Record 16.0 in 2005 )

Lowest minimum: 5.2 ( Record -1.6 in 1902 )

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Mean maximum: 15.9°C / 60.6°F

Mean: 11.0°C / 51.8°F

Mean minimum: 6.6°C / 43.8°F


Maximum temperature: 27.4°C / 81.3°F (28th)

Minimum temperature: -1.2°C / 29.8°F (6th)

Max. minimum temperature: 13.2°C / 55.7°F (31st)

Min. maximum temperature: 7.9°C / 46.2°F (19th)


Rainfall: 45.4mm / 1.7in

Maximum 24 hour total: 18.9 / 0.3in (10th)

Precipitation days >1mm: 10

Precipitation >0.1mm: 12


Sunshine hours: 222.8

Most in one day: 15.6 (27th)

Average: 7.1

Sunless days: 4


Snow falling days: 1

Snow lying days: 0

Hail: 0

Thunder: 0

Lightning: 0

Air frost: 2

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Temperatures in degrees C and long term averages in brackets

Mean temperature=12.9(11.3)

Ave Max=17.8(16.2)

Ave Min=8.1(6.4)

Warmest day=28.4 on 28th with coldest on 5th with 9.7

Coldest night=-0.8 on 6th and warmest on 31st with 13.9

Total rainfall=28.6mm, wettest day(00-2400)=9th with 7.8mm; 10 days with 0.2mm or more and 8 with 1.0mm or more

No snow or hail or thunder or fog(at 9am BST) 1 air frost and 2 ground frosts

A month of stark contrasts with the first 9 days having a mean of 9.3C and 22-30th inclusive a mean of 18.5C. The longest consecutive run of days of 24C or more=9. The previous highest using the RAF Finningely data is 6 in 1959., runs of 4 occurred in 1944, 1947, 1952 and 2010.

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May 2012 Report: Stanton

A very cool and mixed first three weeks of May with the mean temperature between 1.5c and 2.0c below average. There were 5 ground frosts and 1 air frost recorded during this period.

The 22nd saw a sudden and dramatic change to hot, sunny and dry conditions. Over the following 6 days there was hardy a cloud in the sky and the air was very clear. The mean temperature had recovered by end of the month to 0.6c above average.

The month also produced 9 days with temperatures exceeding 21.0c and a remarkable 5 days above 25c, both stats were local records going back to 1994. Rainfall was below average, 65.5%

Daily notes: 22nd to the 27th: There were heat-wave conditions and almost cloudless skies with wall to wall sunshine.

Stats for May 2012:

Mean maximum temperature = 16.9c

Mean minimum temperature = 7.1c

Mean temperature = 12.0c +0.6c of the local average.

Highest maximum on the 24th = 26.0c

Lowest maximum on the 3rd = 8.5c

Highest minimum on the 25th = 13.8c

Lowest minimum on the 5th = -0.1c

Minimum Grass Temperature on the 6th –2.5c

Ground Frosts = 5

Air frost = 1

Days of Rain, with 1mm or more = 9

Total rain days = 14

Wettest Day 9th = 12.6mm

Days of sleet / snow falling = 0

Days of lying snow at 09:00 GMT = 0

Maximum snow depth = 0.0cm

Thunder heard / Thunderstorms = 1, 23rd.

Highest wind gust = 26.5mph WNW on the 19th

Rainfall total = 36.2mm 65.5% of the local average.

Minimum pressure = 1002.0 hPa on day 10 at time 05:32

Maximum pressure = 1039.0 on day 12.

Spring 2012

Spring 2012 would prove that stats alone don’t tell the whole story as to how warm, cold or wet it was. March and May were very much on the dry side, receiving only around 60% of expected rainfall, however April was extremely wet and more than made up for the shortfall. The season ended with above average rainfall 122.5%. April was cold and wet with below average temperatures, also the first half of May was cold with the mean well below the average, however a remarkable heat wave during the 3rd week made for a warm May overall.


Mean maximum temperature = 13.9c

Mean minimum temperature = 4.2c

Mean temperature = 9.1c +0.6c of the local average.

Highest maximum on the 24th May = 26.0c

Lowest minimum on the 6th March -4.2c

Minimum Grass Temperature on the 6th March –7.8c

Ground Frosts = 36

Air frost = 9

Total rain days = 44

Wettest Day 18th April = 14.3mm

Days of sleet / snow falling = 3

Days of lying snow at 09:00 GMT = 1

Maximum snow depth = 1.0cm

Rainfall total = 191.0mm 122.5% of the local average.

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Summary for period 01/05/2012 to 31/05/2012

Temperature (°C):

Mean (1 minute) 12.8

Mean (min+max) 12.9

Mean Minimum 7.8

Mean Maximum 17.9

Minimum 1.8 on 12/05/2012

Maximum 27.6 on 23/05/2012

Highest Minimum 14.0 on 25/05/2012

Lowest Maximum 9.5 on 03/05/2012

Air frosts 0

Rainfall (mm):

Total for period 68.2

Wettest day 13.4 on 03/05/2012

High rain rate 25.4 day 15/05/2012

Rain days 14

Wind (mph):

Highest Gust 21.9 on 25/05/2012

Average Speed 1.6

Wind Run 862.1 miles

Gale days 0

Pressure (hPa):

Maximum 1039.59 on 12/05/2012

Minimum 1003.25 on 10/05/2012

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May 2012 - Colwyn Bay

Temperature -

Mean - 11.5C

Mean Maximum - 16.6C

Mean Minimum - 6.7C

Maximum - 28.6C

Minimum - 0.4C

Lowest Maximum - 10.6C

Highest Minimum - 11.0C


Total Rainfall - 42.2mm

Wettest Day - 9th - 8mm

Rain Days - 14


Highest Gust - 19mph

Average Speed - 0.7mph

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My statistics for central Reading in May 2011:

Average maximum: 18.3

Average minimum: 9.8

Average for month: 14.0

Highest maximum: 27.2 (May 24)

Lowest maximum: 10.1 (2 & 3)

Highest minimum: 16.4 (25)

Lowest minimum: 2.9 (16)

Air frosts: 0

Rainfall: no data available for this site; Reading University shows around 50mm for the month, which is close to average.

The month turned out warmer than average despite a cold start. Some unremarkable overall figures mask a big change in the weather mid-month, with a cold wet start and a dry and very warm end. The average temperature from May 1-20 here was 11.2 deg C, whereas from May 21-31 there was a very warm spell with an average temperature of 19.2. Likewise, nearly all of the recorded rainfall was in the first half of the month, with over a quarter of it falling on May 1.

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