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Tuesday 17th January 2012 Weather & General Chat

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Clear to cloud last night, slight frost.

Cloudy to 1100, then sunny intervals, and largely sunny 1300-1400. Milder. Light to moderate SSE breeze.

Min: -2.0c @ 0130

Max: 7.9c @ 1300

Rain yesterday and today: Nil

Currently: Mostly cloudy.

Temp: 6.3c (as low as 4c at 1730)

RH: 93%

Pressure: 1023mbar, falling slowly

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Hazy sunshine for most of the day although generally clear skies from 3-10pm, now hazing/clouding over from the west.

Currently -1.9c after a high of 4.4c, dropped down to -2.5c earlier this evening though and -5c last night.

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evening all,

Woke up to a nice -5c this morning reached just when i was leaving home for work at around 0815 am with a clear blue sky turning hazy midmorning but fairly clear all day with a top temp at 5c which is 10c difference from morning!!!!was feeling nice under sunshine, nicely wrapped up at round 2 pm when i was back from lunch.

So nice to see the frost on the rare grass fields in my urban suburb or in parks.

It is now -1c but falling much less rapidely than yesterday.It may be that i get under -2c

It is getting cloudier but still can see some stars now at 2335 local time

Pressure 1032 hPA

RH 86%


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