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BBC monthly outlook

A quieter end to the month

Last week we saw a real taste of winter with strong, biting northerly winds, spells of rain, sleet and snow, and icy stretches. Next week the weather will be much quieter and calmer by comparison but it will still be cold for some.

Monday 16 January—Sunday 22 January
High pressure in charge

There will be a lot of dry weather around as an anticyclonic pattern takes hold this week. The devil will be in the detail though, because high pressure doesn't always bring lots of sunshine. There will be some, especially across the east and south-east of the UK, but for many it will be a cloudy week with light winds. It's across the south-east of England that we'll hold onto some colder air too, giving a risk of frost and fog. The exception to the rule will be across the north-west of the UK, where winds will be stronger, there will be some rain at times and it will be milder.

Monday 23 January—Sunday 29 January
How long will it last?

Established areas of high pressure often need quite a shove to move them along and it looks as though the quiet spell of weather should last into the start of next week. However, as the days progress, a spell of rain and stronger winds may move in from the north-west and slowly continue south-eastwards across the UK. This would bring temperatures closer to normal - high single figures. However, there is some uncertainty about the timing and transition to something more unsettled.

Monday 30 January—Sunday 12 February
It's February already?

As we head towards the start of a new month the most likely scenario is for a more mobile pattern of weather to affect the UK. This would mean areas of low pressure and weather fronts making their way in from the west, with some drier days thrown in for good measure. Temperatures should stay near normal but during drier spells it may well turn colder with some frosty and foggy nights.

Next week

Will we see another cold, wintry spell of weather again?

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