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Strange Problem With Vantagevue

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I've noticed my VantageVue doing something strange! It won't report rainfall when the wind is SE'ly! Take today for example, strong SE'ly winds and raining most of the morning but no rainfall recorded - this is the second time I've noticed this. Any ideas what could be happening?

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How much rain would you estimate there's been?

I do notice when it's very windy, my Vue 10 feet up in the air does catch up to 50% less rain than a second older gauge on the ground in shelter.

This is a known issue and worth bearing in mind, although over the year the difference doesn't amount to much.

When it's windy, rain shadow from trees or buildings can extend much further than you'd think.

It's hard to see how any sort of sensor glitch could stop the rain being detected or transmitted.

Since the resolution is 0.2mm I do find it usually trips as soon as hard surfaces are visibly wet.

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