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Scottish Politics 2011-2017

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And that ignorant, offensive, rant sums up exactly why the YES campaign failed  

Good god. What a load of boarish spiteful bile from bad losers has been posted during the night. I actually dread to think how Scotland would be run if this is representative of how the yes vote behav

I'm disappointed in the lack of grace shown by some across the net in accepting this No vote. A complete lack of any empathy and understanding as to why fellow Scots didn't vote Yes.   I personally

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Steven Hope â€@SH_IpsosMORI 9m

@bbcjamescook I have Glasgow down as 60% Yes. #indyref


waiting for confirmation on this so don't take it to heart yet but he is challenging what the BBC are reporting



turns out this was pre referendum polling we will just watch and see the result

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pollster predicted a strong no in Glasgow projectors are saying this is a YES win according to some reports




YES Scotland â€@Independent_SCO 3m

Early reports suggest Glasgow may have voted 54% "Yes" to 46% "No".

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I just love the silent majority - soooooo British!

Never ever forget the power of the secret ballot.

We dont feel the need to shout from the rooftops about how we're going to vote.

More importantly there is absolutely NO obligation to tell anyone, other than the ballot paper, what one decides to vote.

I think it's called a very civilised democracy.

Social media does NOT call the shots!

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Massive postal vote percentages overall and some record highs for turnout across the country. No campaign looking and sounding very confident at this point, plenty going in their favour.


Polls, Bookies, also extremely high turnout in strong No regions, turnout lower than expected in key Yes areas, Dundee key example. AS cancels / changes schedule at Aberdeenshire count. All this before first result announced ! From coverage / reporting so far would put this at 58N 42Y.


Still, going to be an interesting watch for the exact results to see how effective the 'silent' majority have been...

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The pound is currently rising on the overnight markets on anticipation of a No vote.

Sterling advances as Scotland poll shows support for Union

Fri Sep 19, 2014 1:06am BST

TOKYO (Reuters) - Sterling rose to a two-week high against the U.S. dollar and two-year peak against the euro on Friday, taking comfort from a poll showing support for Scotland to remain in the United Kingdom.

Against the euro, it hit a two-year high of 78.48 pence per euro and climbed to a six-year high of 178.99 yen.

"The market seems to have priced in the high likelihood of the Unionists winning so reaction will likely be limited if they win, while if Scots vote for independence, there should be huge selling in sterling," said Tohru Sasaki, head of research at JPMorgan Chase Bank in Tokyo.

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