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Weather Derivatives

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Sorry if these seems rather left field. I am looking for a good company that supports trading in weather derivatives for the UK, hopefully including Rainfall.

They must have a web application for instant quotes and not take too much of a cut.

You have CME that I can get instant quotes from, but it's is very US centric and I am looking for something a little more UK based with a BARX style frontend.

Lots of derivative information on hurricanes etc that might be fun during the summer (did you know that you can have a derivative that bets on the amount of damage the first tropical storm causes !).

If anybodies got any links it would be appreciated, I'd prefer to do some modelling over a 3 month period before ploughing more than 10K into something as unreliable as this. I use to have a link for somebody from about 8 years ago, but it doesn't seem to work anymore.

Forgot to add if anybody has any questions about weather derivatives I would be happy to try and answer them.


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