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Government Criticism Over Libya Evacuation

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I have been left feeling rather dismayed (and angry) about the comments coming back about the government's handling of evacuations from Libya!

First thing, if you're thick or desperate enough to visit Libya, for whatever reason, then you know you're at more risk compared to more civilised countries! Be it from militant police, unjust laws, crime, or civil unrest.

Secondly, civil unrest became prevalent in Tunisia and Egypt well over a month ago, the two countries which border either side of Libya (along with Algeria). Surely if you own just three brain cells, one for being able to interpret a map of Africa, one for identifying that socially repressed countries in the region are revolting, with the third putting 1 and 1 together, that there's an increasingly high chance that (arguably) the most repressed country may follow suit. Unlike Tunisia and Egypt, Libya is a violent dictatorship in which therefore any demonstrations which do arise are very unlikely to go the same way as Egypt in particular.

Thirdly, if a repressed country enters civil war, what do you expect the situation to be like? The article above (plus others I have read) have been MOANING about the lack of communication, the weather, the level of sanitation and perhaps more laughably, human rights....the country is at war, with a vicious regime opening fire indiscriminately on civilians! What do you expect?

Why should we expect others to, at the drop of a hat, risk their lives to come and pick us up for an all expenses paid trip out of the country...what's sickening, is the fact these numpties are complaining almost about the SERVICE, and not simply being thankful and appreciative of the people who risked their lives to come and get them!

I get so annoyed with such a breed of person I am urged to slap them silly...much the same way I get infuriated when 'innocent, unsuspecting british citizens' are STILL getting abducted and threatened/murdered by pirates who have captured them in the Indian Ocean! It gets to a point when I think (unfairly and heat of the moment granted), do you know what, you were thick enough to put yourself at such obscene risk, sort yourself out! Why should other peoples families risk/suffer loss because of the sheer, blinding ineptitude and wrecklessness of your actions?

Rant over...

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