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mike Meehan

The Audacity Of Michael O'leary

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Haven't flown lately when travelling to France since Nov'09 because we have had too much stuff to take over to the new house, so been travelling by ferry and car.

Decided to fly over for a fortnight in June when I am meeting an old pal who emigrated to New Zealand many years ago and on checking Ryan Air's website was shocked, dismayed and disgusted to find that now they are charging £6 per person, per way for checking in on line. :doh::angry:

It now means that for a couple making a return trip an extra £84 above the advertised cost. That is with just one case in the hold.

I checked EasyJet's site and we could travel via Gatwick to Montpellier much cheaper with their extra charges thrown in. :)

In my view this an add-on too far, fortunately my ex son in law works for an airline and hopefully we can travel Heathrow to Toulouse much cheaper.:D

Michael O'Leary had better watch out since no doubt he will lose a lot bums on the seats of those 737's and ending up losing money rather than making it. :crazy:

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