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The Cold Spell Of February 1870

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After a mild first week of February 1870, it became much colder with winds from an easterly direction. This brought snowfalls but nothing especially exceptional. This lasted until about the 23rd, when it became milder again in the south and about the 26th in Scotland.

This February came into the midst of a run of very mild Februaries.

Feb 1867: 6.9C

Feb 1868: 6.3C

Feb 1869: 7.5C

Feb 1871: 6.1C

Feb 1872: 6.9C

9th-14th Feb 1870 CET: -2.4C

Monthly CET: 2.8C

Temperatures recorded at Worthing

9th: 32.1F; 30.5F

10th: 32.2F; 23.9F

11th: 29.9F; 22.6F

12th: 28.7F; 21.2F

13th: 31.1F; 21.8F

14th: 33.5F; 25.3F

15th: 36.9F; 30.3F

16th: 35.3F; 28.5F

17th: 36.2F; 30.7F

18th: 31.7F; 28.8F

19th: 39.0F; 29.0F

Some reports

Linton Park: The 11th to 13th, a cutting NE wind with drifting snow but snow was not deep.

Selborne: Snow on many days but in small quantities. Mean max: 38.7F, mean min: 30.4F

Banbury: Frequent snow.

Culford: Snow on 6 days, mean temp: 35.3F

Bridport: Heavy easterl gale on 12th and 13th. Good skating on 8 days but hardly any snow fell.

Cirencester: No snow but persistent frost for a fortnight. Ice six inches thick in tub.

Shiffnal: Ice bore skaters for the 4th time this winter.

Orleton: Frequent slight falls of snow

Boston: Severe frosts lasted from 8th to 14th with strong gales from the E to NE on the 12th to 14th with snow drifting to many feet on the 13th

Killingholme: Snow drifts deepest since 1855

North Shields: Snow on 10 days

Llandudno: Very frequent snow showers till the latter part of the month.

Hawick: Snow fell on 11 days with the keen frost enabled curlers, skaters and sledgers to enjoy their favourite exercise right merrily.

Castle Toward: 12 inches of snow fell from the 23rd to 26th

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