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The Brisbane 1893 Flood

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Considering the tragic recent events in Queensland it's worth remembering the great flood of 1893. Information mainly thanks to Wiki.

Although there is very fine photo gallery in the collection of the Fryer Library, the University of Queensland at:

1893 Brisbane flood
, occasionally referred to as the
Great Flood of 1893
or the
Black February flood
, occurred when the Brisbane River burst its banks in early February, 1893. The river, which runs through the centre of Brisbane in the Australian state of Queensland, was flooded due to a deluge associated with a tropical cyclone.

The water surge was recorded on the Port Office gauge (now the City gauge) as being 8.35 metres (27 feet, 5 inches) above the low tide level. This is the second-highest height ever recorded at the City gauge, the highest being the January 1841 flood at 8.43 metres (27 feet, 8 inches).

The southern regions of the city were most affected by the flood. The total damage caused by the flooding has been estimated at A$4 million (1893 figures), although no official figures exist. The flooding was responsible for eleven deaths, seven of them workers at a colliery in north Ipswich which was flooded by the Bremer River, a tributary of the Brisbane River. The floods also forced the hospitalisation of 190 residents

Queen Street, one of the major roads in Brisban
e, after the 1893 floods. Residents are seen rowing boats to move about due to the flooding.


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I posted a thread on this last year

Rainfall totals at Brisbane, Australia for the period 31st January to 3rd February 1893 amounted to 77.3 inches

Jan 31st: 10.8"

Feb 1st: 20.0"

Feb 2nd: 35.7"

Feb 3rd: 10.8"

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Sorry about that Mr. D. It takes an age to wade through all the posts and even then I miss some.

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