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Exceptionally Mild January Of 1921

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For the CET, January 1916 is the mildest January on record. 5 years later, there was another exceptionally mild January.

January 1921 was a very mild zonal month, high pressure rarely held sway as Atlantic lows pushed in from the west. For most of the period, the UK was in a mild west to southwesterly flow and as such frosts and snowfalls were limited and maxima and minima were above average. January 1921 was a much wetter month than January 1916 as Atlantic systems made bigger inroads to the south than they did in 1916.

The 4th and 9th were very mild days with maxima into the low teens, 4th: 15.6C at Llandudno

20th-30th: 8.5C

25th December 1920 - 30th January 1921: 7.7C


January 1921: 7.3 (+3.6) 1796 (7.3)

CET max mean: 9.4

CET min mean: 5.2

First half: 6.8

Second half: 7.8

Highest CET maximum: 13.3 (9th)

Lowest CET minimum: -2.4 (15th)

Scotland mean: 4.1

Northern Ireland: 6.0

90 years ago


Mean maximum: 9.6C

Mean minimum: 4.6C

Mean: 7.1C

The minimum at the south Kensington roof station never fell below freezing from 17th December to 3rd February

Sheepstor in Devon at 749ft never recorded any snowfall during the month.

Maxima of between 10.6C and 15C recorded during the month

Falmouth: 24 days

Dublin Phoenix Park: 22 days

Isle of Grain, Kent: 20 days

Birr Castle: 20 days

Kew: 19 days

Nottingham: 19 days

Camden Square

Mean temp 7.8C (+4.1C)

5 days had a mean above 10C

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Very interesting Mr Data.

Shows that mild winter months are not a modern phenomenon.

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