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The Cold November Of 1904 In Spain

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A inusuall snowfall in November of 1904 in the Center of Spain leaves 150cm in the center of Madrid city.

It was snowing three days and in the mountains of Madrid thousand and thousand of trees fell down with above 3 or 4 meters of Snow.

That Snowfall was the biggest in the last 200 hundred years in Madrid and probably in the modern history of the city.


November of 1904 was increible, Road, Trains were block.

There was another cold November in the XIX Century:

November 1862 50cm in the center of the city.

Actually in Madrid city is strange to see snowfalls with more than 5/10cm, maybe one per two years. The last big snowfall was in the 80´s with almost 30cm.

Since 1990:

March 1993 with 10cm

December 1996 10/15cm

January 1997 10/15cm

December 2001 13cm

February 2005 15cm

February 2006 10cm

January 2009 18cm

January 2010 11cm

And a few snowfalls more with 5/10cm.

Maybe one day that November of 1904 come back. I hope so!

bye British friends!

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Thanks for that MM, very interesting. I think in recent years Madrid often gets more snow than London does, surprisingly - though we had a good fall in February 2009 in the southern part of the city, 20 cm here (about 8km south-west of the centre). The last time we had anything as big as that was February 1991, and we also had good falls in 1981-2, 1985, 1986 and 1987. In the 1960s & 70s the higher ground in the north-east - Hampstead, for example - often used to get good snow when here in the south we only had sleet (or even rain), but that hasn't happened so much in the last twenty years.

I hope we both have some fun this winter!

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