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Your Top Ten Most Memorable Weather Events

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Hi there thought it would be interesting to list your top ten most memorable weather events.

Here is mine.

1. January 2nd 1984 North of Scotland Blizzard

2. January 12th 2005 The Great Storm.... Gero

3. December 25th 1995 A white christmas. temps down as cold as they have ever been.

4.October 2006 around the 29th massive widespread flooding and storm force winds causes utter devastation in Highlands.

5. March 2006 Snow falling 20 out of 31 days!

6. August 1984 Summer sooo hot, then a massive thunderstorm.

7. Summer 1995 when I was able to swim in the sea

8 May 1992, Blizzards one day and two days later around the 11th we had unbroken sunshine and 20C

9. March 1986 A massive windstorm shut the school early...yay!!!

10. January 1987 the infamous beast from the east kept us off school for 1 week.

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Only 21 so don't actually have many i consider memorable but i will give it a go...

1) Summer 1995 - First memories of noticing the weather - Lots of heat and sunshine

2) January 1997 - First memory of snowfall, it lasted a while though i don't recall there being big accumulations

3) April 1998 - Snowfall around Good Friday, clear skies in the morning gave way to frontal snow in the afternoon, i remember telling mother that those are snow clouds coming

4) 25th October 2000 - Very deep depression crossed the UK bringing floods and damage because the shortwave was sourced from near Portugal and turned almost directly north (does'nt really show it on historical synoptic charts), on the 25th, this gave way to snow as the depression moved into the north sea

5) January 2000 or 2001 - I remember there being fairly deep snowfall, probably between 10cm and 20cm

6) 10th August 2003 - Trip to Cadburys factory was horrible as temperatures sawed to record highs, mediteranian clear blue skys though and remember the news saying London was 27C at 10:00.

7) 31st December 2003 - Great snow event, made a point to keep measuring among my drunkenness, 11cm of snow and the biggest snowflakes i have ever seen, snowed from 21:00 to 03:00, most of it did not melt and it then snowed the following saturday from a northerly

8) February 2005 - First easterly experience, hilarious because while Londoners on here were winging about dew points being too high, i got snow every day for 16 days, though maximum depth was only 12cm and it did keep melting away

9) February 2009 - What a let down, low pressure moved from the east on Feb 3rd, it snowed for 12 hours and we got a new fall of just 3cm, though due to the wind buses were cancelled at 20:00 while i was in Leeds city centre, note to anybody, don't bother trying to get a taxi they will take an hour plus to come, Feb 2009 was great though because the snow stayed for 14 days with no melt and a maximum depth of 16cm

10) Winter 2010 - What a classic! Snow showers arrived on 18th December and the snow did not melt until it was washed away by a warm front on 18th Jan, a full month of snow cover, the winter was great in that the first snowfall occured on Nov 29th as we got back edge snow, and the last snow fell on Feb 28th, there was a lot of small snowfalls during the second half of February 2010 however the award for the greatest snowfall OF MY LIFE goes to 5th January 2010, it started just after 06:00 and carried on until 16:00, it delivered 21cm of snowfall, the biggest i have from a single event.

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Not ranked in order of memorableness.

Early January 2010 snowfall and the intense cold that followed

June-July 2007: The amount of rain that fell

18th January 2007 gale: Hairy experience

July 2006: Sunshine and heat galore.

Post Christmas 2000 snowfall

Autumn 2000: The amount of rain that fell

Christmas Eve 1997 gale: Hairy experience

Jan and Feb 1996 snowfalls

August 1995: Sunshine and heat galore

February 1986: Freezing! :cold:

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No.1 is without any doubt the Feb 5-6th 1989 Storm - which produced the record 48 hour rainfall for Scotland at Kinlochhourn ....



Others (in no particular order):

July 2007 (Worcestershire) - Record rainfall and the Great Flood

Jan 1979 (Essex) - classic snowfall event

Winter 1981-82 (Essex) - the snow and ice just went on and on

February 1986 (Suffolk) - a lovely cold, dry month

October 1987 'Great Storm' (Suffolk) - I actually just turned over and went back to sleep!

Winter 2010 (Worcestershire) - first 'proper' winter in over a decade!

And for all the wrong reasons:

Summer 2003

July 2006

Winter 1988/89 - possibly the worst anywhere in the world since the end of the Cretaceous (see also no.1 above)

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Not ranked in order here this is going to be fun great idea :).

1) -18 degrees I recorded last january must have been on of the coldest temperatures I have ever experienced.

2) Stormy weather january 12th-13th 2004 which gave way to snowfall and alot of broken trees.

3) Winter 2010 can go down there as I had snow cover from the 22nd of december till the 2nd of feburary with snow still ingering in the hills till mid feburary. My definition of a good winter.

4) Hot hot weather summer of 2006 brilliant for blackberries and fruits.

5) Snow of february 2007 was in an Eisteddfod and we had to abandon it due to six inches of fresh snowfall on the friday following a thaw from the thursday where a front moved in began as rain the the cold air wan and it snowed for the whole day.

6)Floods of November 2004 - My school flooded and we we're all sent home on a round the dingle trip due to closed roads and broken bridges.

7)Snow Easter 2008 after a poorish winter we had snow easter morning which was nice all be it shortlived.

8) Huge hailstorm March 2009 let to an inch of accumilated ice which froze over solid giving it a snow element also closed the local school as the roads were like ice rinks( personally think the school over reacted).

9) Huge winds of December 2005 that brought trees down and took the zinc topping off my shed roof.

10) Huge deluge and disappointment of a summer in 2008 was very notable.

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Only noting stuff since 2005, I can't go into detail for the rest, also, only 5.

1. July 2006: Spell of temperature passing 30C, amazing month, remember the clear skies and brilliant weather, was playing tennis and football for weeks on end.

2. December 17-18 2009: Most snowfall I'd seen since I could remember, really amazing, I remember going to work on the last Friday before my Christmas Break, and the trip home was like racing on a F1 track!

3. July 5 2009: The heaviest rains I'd ever experienced in the UK! Played football for the work team, and my shorts had shrunk to half the size, like 80's shorts! Never saw such weather, and the Wimbledon final took place on that day!

4. May 22 2010: Temperature hit 28C at the local park, the best picnic ever! Absolutely amazing stuff, had a waterbomb fight with the mates, then went into my garden pool to relax, best Summer day I remember.

5. February 1-2 2009: Heavy snowfall, up to 15cm in just an hour! Snow day from work, and they hard to get up ere'!

Very much 2009/2010 loaded, but to be honest, the 07 and 08 had washout summers, and mild winters, so not many events.

EDIT: December 1 2009 graupel storm came very close. With layers of graupel throughout here!

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1. Spring & Summer 1995 in Tyneside- it was a remarkable summer, and I found the variable spring that preceded it even more enjoyable.

2. July 2006 in Leeds- hot and sunny with occasional thundery outbreaks, it was like spending a month on the continent.

3. The period 17th December 2009-9th January 2010- the centrepiece of the winter, with a good deal of bright snowy weather and convection generated over the North Sea.

4. The Christmas 1995 cold spell- it was a real white Christmas with 2 inches increasing to 3 inches, and then severe cold afterwards.

5. The cold snap at the end of December 2000- very "atmospheric" and contained thundersnow early on the 29th.

6. The easterly outbreak of late November 1993 in Tyneside, with exceptional low temperatures and snow cover lasted a whole week.

7. The cold snap in early March 2001- big snowstorms on the 2nd, and the temperature dropped below -10C overnight 2nd/3rd.

8. Summer 1996- in the Tyne and Wear area this combined warmth and sunshine with variety and above-average convective & thunder activity.

9. The remarkable June of 2009 in Exeter- phenomenal rainstorm with thunder on the 6th (>100mm rain locally), more storms with hail on the 15th, and plenty of warm sunshine at times also.

10. The severe Tyneside thunderstorms of 3rd/4th August 1994 when my parents' house was struck.

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can kinda remember weather events memorable bad and good,

1. 19th Nov 961996, best snow ive seen that I remember, not had that much since (favourite)

2. very exciting white Xmas 2004, showers through Cheshire gap, started around 1pm,

3. hated it but unforgettable, 17th-22nd Dec 2009, dumpings of snow elsewhere but here not a flake!

4. hated it but unforgettable, 21st July 2007 all that unbelievable rain

5. hated it but unforgettable, 01 0ct 2010, unbelievably horrid wet day

6. really liked up there with my favourites, 6th Jan 2010, around 3 inches of snow fell, and cold with more snow on the way, and no mild for foreseeable future

7. hated it but wont forget, friday 30th June 1995, gotta be my hottest day ever in school

8. an ace day, 9th Feb 2007, heavy snow started around 4pm, that wasnt really forecast

9. hated it but wont forget, Tuesday 7th Nov 2000, stafford flooded and my tenpin league was rained off

10. friday 4th May 2007, a sunny entire day was predicted and the north sea misty low cloud never lifted at all, stockport had unbroken sun

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Yes, I have a weakness for lists so here, in chronological order, are mine.

1. The blizzard of February 1956. The entire road where I lived filled with 8 feet of snow

2. The gale of February 1962. Destruction the like of which I have not seen since.

3. The winter of 1962/63. A quite legendary persistence of severe cold.

4. The summer of 1976. Even I, the lover of cold and wet in all seasons, have to pay a grudging respect for this one.

5. The blizzard of mid- February 1979. Equal to, if not better than, the one in 1956

6. The blizzard of late April 1981. 60cm of level snow and drifts up to 6m deep. Does it get any better in the week before May?

7. February 1986. 26 freezing days and a mean max' of -1.6c. Close to utopia

8. August 1986. The coldest since 1912 and ending with 78mm of rain on the 25th as Charlie swept through. Wonderful

9. January 1987. Cold so severe it just has to make the list, even though it didn't last that long

10. August 2004. The wettest month I've recorded in over 45 years. If only it had been cold too.

Damn, there's loads I can't fit in, can we have a top 20?

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I have'nt made any dates for memorable weather. The ones I vividly remember were

Summer 1976.....never seen the ground cracked up like that before and water tanks in the street.

October 1987.......Kept we awake all night. I was living near Seal Chart. Electric went off around midnight and did'nt come back on for a month.

Summer a couple of years ago(no doubt someone can remember the year).....Massive thunderstorm, ball lightening, never seen anything like it. Brilliant light show.

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These lists have popped up on here before, but I'll contribute to this one mainly because of one that has shot to the top since occurring earlier this year (no it wasn't that not-fit-to-lace-February-1991's-boots January).

1-2-3, in no particular order:

Summer of 1995- there's no chance of me changing my user name to "Summer of 10" anytime soon unless I get some virus which leads me to crave dull and drizzly Julys. Give me all those sunny warm days and that thunderstorm of July 10-11 any day.

14-21 April 2010: the week when ash from Iceland cleared our skies and led to me experiencing the kind of sunshine and blue skies my ancestors enjoyed year after year.

Winter of 1990-91: beats 1986-7/1995-6 because there were two particularly big snowfalls, and Shrewsbury didn't miss out with either.

4-5-6, again no particular order-

1995/6: decent winter that was both snowier and longer lasting than 09/10. Only failed to make top 3 because of that 5/6 Feb event that did the everywhere-but-Shrewsbury trick.

Jan 1987: probably the most intense cold I can recall, and not short on snow- just a shame it didn't persist a bit longer.

April 2007: surpassed even August 1995 for the amount of sunny, dry weather. Perfect for those who don't like it too hot as well. If that eruption had happened 3 years earlier this could have been the first month to average 300 hours sunshine.

7-10: (these are more local events)

12 March 2006: the day it remembered how to snow here

19 June 2005: best thunderstorm of the century so far

May-July 2007: has to make it onto the list for the sheer amount of rain that fell these 3 months, though it wasn't anywhere near as dull as July 2010 or August 2008.

Mid-Feb 1994- lots of snow by Shrewsbury standards, after 3 years with barely a flake.

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Top ten weather events in no discernable order (and some fit into others stated above!)

1) Boxing Day Storm 1998, 93mph gusts at Glasgow Airport

2) December 1995 cold spell, down to -20C just after Xmas with a max one day of -12C

3) Heavy snow March 2006 (11th/12th?)

4) Summer 1995, July and August with temps up to 30C, almost unheard of for Glasgow area

5) January 1993, severe gales on many occasions, huge blizzard on the 10th.

6) Early February 1996, started snowing on the Sunday night and was still snowing by the Tuesday. 2 feet of snow.

7) February 2010. Snow turned to rain to snow to very heavy snow to rain over the course of two days. A foot of slush froze solid and took two weeks to melt.

8 ) June 2010. Warmest June for sixty years (approx), a dry month with day after day of gorgeous 23C weather.

9) 11th May 1995, four inches of snow by 8am, all melted bt 11am

10) August 4th 1975: I didn't live through this one but the day MrsCatch was born temperatures reached 31.2C at Glasgow Airport, a 100 year and as yet unequalled record! I pity MrsCatch's mum!!!

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In no order at all

1, January 2005 storm winds gusting 105 mph.

2, January 2009 Storm winds at one point averaged 98 mph for a time.

3, Winter of 1995 I remember it snowing for days and the schools being closed. Most memorable stuff event when I was down in England.

4, 2009/10 winter for the amount of snow that feel and how long it lasted for at times It felt never ending

5, Flash flooding and heavy rain last July the monthly record was broken in about 6 hours.

6, Boxing day storm 1998 I remember it well.

7, June 2009 Tornado went through Stornoway I didn't see the tornado but the weather around the time and the thunder and lightning was amazing.

8, October 2006 another very windy weather event.

9, July nice shelf cloud which produce some intense lightning.

10, 82 mph winds recorded on the 20/8 this year and proved to be the strongest winds here for almost 2 years.

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No particular Order but 5 from here and 5 from my Travels to Tornado Alley.

January 10th - January 20th 1987

30cm of Level Snow at Sea Level in Leigh-On-Sea with 25 foot drifts in the countryside, The Sea froze over for about a week, Max daytime temps of -5c and Night-time down to -19c. Schools closed for 2 weeks and not the only time in 1987 my school year was affected......

October 15th-16th 1987

The great Storm (Not Hurricane) on the night of Thursday 15th and Friday morning 16th October. Maximum gust near Shoeburyness was 117mph at 430am. Incredible damage to trees and cars etc, our fence was found nearly 1/2 mile away. Remember the evening before the temperature had increased to 18c with a forecast of some wind with the main storm hitting NW & Central France, oh dear Mr Fish!! Lol I know it was not you really.

February 1991

That whole month was freezing - Large quantities of Snow fell throughout Essex from Convective Showers again drifts upto 25ft in places, minimum temps were also exceptional with some daytime highs not getting above -5c

Summer of 1992

An incredible Summer for Severe Storms in Central Southern and South Eastern England, counted no less than 10 Plume events with some lasting 6 hours or more, also some very Severe Home grown Storms with Large Hail (Golf Ball) and Severe Lightning. My records show 7 Storm Days in June, 9 in July and 6 in August, 22 days with Severe Storms against none this year......Hmmmph

November 21st 1981

Still a record even until today of 105 Tornadoes touching down across the Uk from the NW In a diagional Line down to the South East. Norfolk had the most at 13 or 14 and the maximum was EF2 Strength, amazingly no Fatalities and this all brought about by a Surging Cold Front.


May 22nd & 23rd 2008 - Kansas

Back to Back High Risk Outbreak with a record 56 Tornadoes touching down in Kansas alone, we chased and saw 9 of these in a 2 day Outbreak that included a massive EF4 At Quinter (Ks)

May 29th 2008 - Nebraska

Got a little too close for comfort and got side-swiped by a Half Mile wide EF2 Tornado near Aurora (Ne) Massive destruction to a Petrol Station and the only time I can say that I thought we might not make it out. Still to this day one of the quickest evolutions of Drizzle to Supercell in 15 Minutes NOAA (SPC) Have ever seen from one of there forecasters (Doug Keisling) so never take your eye off the weather or radar!

May 31st 2010 - Colorado

The amazing 17 Minute Campo (Colorado) Tornado that just majestically moved at 5mph across open Prairie, Lighting was fantastic it did not hit much (Apart from some Overhead Wires) and it was a Text Book Classic Supercell Tornado.

May 10th 2005 - Nebraska

Have too include this one as It was my first ever Supercell near Grand Island (Nebraska) this was an amazing Storm (Mike Hollinghead has amazing pictures of this storm on his site) and got me completely hooked.

May 18th & May 19th 2010

Back to Back Moderate and High Risk days which yielded 7 Tornadoes. The 19th Possibly my best Chase day ever for picking the right Storms and knowing when to let other Storms go because they do not look right, after getting a Tornado further North we went South to the TEC (Tail End Charlie) Dryline Supercell (Just as it says in the Storm Chasers Handbook :rofl: ) and Witnessed another 3 Tornadoes, the drive back to DFW Was like a Disco with loud music and High Fiving in the Cars.

Paul S

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Haven't really thought exactly what is my top 10 but definately in amongst the top 10 would be the following -

Summer 1995 - The best summer I have experienced in my lifetime so far (I'm 32), endless weeks of dry sunny very warm weather superb!

Late Dec 1995 - A week of sub zero temps, with mins down to -18 here in Windermere

5/6 Feb 1996 - Deep snowfalls 18 inches - a week off school!

Christmas Day 2009 - A wonderful crisp beautiful sunny day with deep snow cover and the fells looking splendid

Nov 19 2009 - Days of heavy rain culminating in the worst floods in living memory around these parts

Late Jan 1990 - Can't remember the date but the strongest winds I can remember - 8 Jan 2005 not far behind in terms of storminess

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Interest reading everyones -

Living in Plymouth, my list is something like:

1) slighlty colder once, temps almost at 0oC


4) was quite windy in Jan 16/17th (i think) '89


7) pretty wet on many occasions, but not really bad


10)slightly hotter once, temps almost hit 28oC. wow.

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Top Ten

1963 -Snow snow -freezing snow -Built a snowman just after Christmas still their end of February

1970 Snow on Boxing day with thunder and Lightning snow lay for the 12 days of Christmas

1976 The hottest summer for a 1000 years -Commuting was a nightmare -sat out in the evenings enjoying cold beers in a tee shirt and shorts till very late most evenings for 6 weeks.

1978/79 After seven years of almost snowless winters the start of a run of very snowy winters -New years Eve took the dog for walk a little worse for wear-snow started to fall with almost gale force winds -never been so cold next day snow drifts and a max of -5c below freezing-the winter was one of the coldest

1986 Feb snowed early Feb snow still there beginning of March ending with a big snowstorm in the South East.and Central London having a Max of -2c in a March.

1987 Jan -The coldest and snowiest weather I have seen Biggin Hill had 24" of snow with 20ft drifts at the airport road buried a bus and snow plough cut off for almost four days

an event unlikely to be repeated. The city of London had its coldest day ever recorded with min of -9c max -5c

1987 Oct -The great storm- woken by an incredible noise with wind that buckled one of the windows. went outside to be hit by an incredible force -Keston lost some beautiful trees specatular but devastating

1991 Feb -Downing street was bombed and pictures showed heavy snow falling-. 8 days followed with incredibly cold temps and heavy snow. nearly a foot lay in central London with even the city having max temps of -4c.

2009 Feb snow brought heavy snow with a foot falling in about 3 hours.

2010 December cold brought heavy snow which instead of disappearing as usual stayed for weeks in January 8 days of below freezing A winter on par with 78/79 and 81/82:drinks:

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1. One saturday in January this year when there was an even covering of about 5 inches of snow on everything and a series of intense overnight frosts gave everything an icy coating that sparkled in the unbroken sunshine. It was so beautiful and like living in Scandinavia for a while.The dogs waterbowl, in the porch, froze solid.

2. Last week of December 1995, just because it was so cold. The only time i've seen major rivers and steep fast flowing becks freeze completely.

3. February 1996, snowed itself silly for a day and a night giving about 60cm level snow and huge drifts.

4. Some day when I was little, probably in February 1991, my mam dragged me to church and I can remember there being lots of snow and getting back and my dad raging having to melt snow because the frost had broke the water pipes. The only time i've known that happen.

5. That day in August 2003 that broke the British temperature record. It was unfeasibly hot for Cumbria!

6. Going for a walk one evening when I was a toddler with my dad and it being so cold icicles formed on his dodgy 80's tash and the rim of my dodgy 80's bobble hat. Must have been the Jan 87 cold spell.

7. The day in July 2006 that broke the July heat record.

8. One day in the winter of 2002/03, I went on a Uni field trip to Shap. I specifically remember walking out my halls in Preston and noticing that puddles weren't frozen and thinking "its not that cold, should be ok". Then when we got to Shap it was absolutely Baltic and all the rivers were frozen, including that quite large one that runs past the Shap Wells Hotel. It was a sunny day, no snow or anything, just memorable for the difference in temperature between Preston and Shap, which in the grand scheme of things aren't a great distant apart.

9. November last year when it spannered it down without stopping for about 3 days. I drove home the Friday night Cockermouth nearly got washed away and went over the bridge over the Derwent just west of Cockermouth, having had to take a massive de tour, not noticing that the water was probably level with the bridge.

10. Late December 1994. My Mam had just got a new Corsa with a temperature guage in it which I was obsessed with. This was the first time I noticed it staying below freezing all day.

10b. I'm throwing in an extra. I think it was winter 2004, January maybe (Edit: having read other peoples lists I think it was 2005!), when there were extremely strong winds and those unfortunate souls got washed off a causeway in the Outer Hebrides. Strongest (and nosiest) winds I've ever known, went out the day after to assess the damage which included many missing roof's, errant sheds, felled trees and mud slides.

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Very hard to bring it down to 10 weather events so I'll give it a go.

01) Winter 1996/1997 - Having spent Christmas in Brasil, to come back on the 28th to freezing cold was painful. I think this is the first memory I have of snow but it snowed heavily on December 30th and 31st then over a week of sub-zero maxes and very low minima with bits and pieces of snow well into January.

02) 14th April 1999 - Heavy snow all day from a low from the north. Came during a school activity week and there were big snowball fights all day. Of course, very unexpected as I didn't watch weather forecasts or anything back then.

03) 27th/29th May 1999 - Absolutely stunning thunderstorms on both days. The 27th one was overnight so there were awesome lightning displays (this is where my obsession with thunderstorms began and where I think I stopped being scared of thunderstorms). The one on the 29th was heavier but the thunder was more impressive and it had followed a warmer and mroe humid day.

04) 04th July 2001 - Again, the end of the heatwave goes out with a huge bang - more than 3 huge thunderstorms with tropical rain and fantastic thunder and lightning. Similar synoptics since have not delivered anything like it.

05) August 2003 - A fantastic summer month. Came back from Mallorca on the 6th and felt no temperature difference from Mallorca. In fact it was more comfortable there than back here. Not often that happens in the UK.

06) 28th January 2004 - The most dramatic thundersnow event I've seen (I've experienced 3 now - also on 25th November 2005 and 23rd December 2009). Spots of rain began then the wind really picked up, the first flash and instant bang of thunder then the heavens opened - first with hail then snow. Being at school still, the fire alarm went off and we all had to stand in the yard and get pummelled by the elements.

07) 24th/28th June 2005 - Amazing thunderstorms on both occasions. About 11 separate thunderstorms on the 24th beginning at 4am through until 2pm. A hot and humid day on the 28th ended with ridiculously heavy thunderstorms after 7pm. Powercuts, high winds, hail, the works!

08) Autumn/Winter 2006/2007 - Possibly the wettest period I actually remember. Can't remember full Autumn 2000. The winter was awful - it was either mild or cold but very wet, often windy and snow was rubbish. There were 2cm of snow on Feb 8th and it snowed all day on the 9th but it didn't settle.

09) 19th June 2007 - The most severe storm I've experienced in terms of rainfall. 32.5mm fell in 30 minutes with hail and strong winds. Roads became rivers very quickly and the storm rumbled on after the rain had stopped at the end.

10) February 2009 and Winter 2009/2010 - Best snow in a long time. Heaviest snowfall being 8cm in Feburay 2009, 5cm in December 2009, and a total of 30cm in January 2010. February had snow events too and I will remember it for the number of times it snowed and the pitiful 1cm that settled in total across the month. The danger of low pressure from the east going too far west.

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Here goes,

1) Jan 63 NW Leics: Watching Grandad lift turnips from frozen ground with an iron bar, his water butt frozen solid, ice poking out like a giant stopper.

2) Jun 76 Midlands: Cycling to Cornwall, temp 33C, countryside already brown, tyres too hot to touch

3) Dec 81 Scotland : Late evening walk at -20C , frost on snow catches the moon

4) Oct 87 W Herts: Woken at 5am by that wind, small branches rushing past bedroom window, roads covered by debris and and twigs

5) Jan 90 Bucks: Great gust causes factory skylight to fall in, glass splinters explode like a bomb, garden ravaged by gales

6) Feb 78 Bristol: First reunion at university, huge snowball fight with old mates and mad party out in the blizzard

7) Aug 03 W Herts : Temp 35C, dust devil in garden!

8) Feb 69 NW Leics: The 'perfect bizzard' , trapped at school , powder snow blows through door locks and drifts inside corridor

9) Summer 69 NW Leics: Local hailstorm devastates village, tremendous roar while falling, drifts of hail lasting 2 days, weird mist rising

10) Dec 09 Herts : Last 5 miles home on A41 takes 5 hours, cars slithering down hill in 4 wheel skid at 3mph

Oh but then there is ...

Plus many more I've heard second hand from parents and grandparents (you can guess when they refer to!)


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winter 78 and 80s to young to actually remember much, i have memorys of deep snow up to my knees in mid to late 80s period. 1987-october- the great storm, complete destruction in surrey.

1990-january- a massive severe gale/storm ,large damage in surrey

1991-february deep snow lasting for 2wks i think.

1995-Hot summer- mid 90s-f.

2000-october floods, large amount of flooding and bursts river banks in surrey.

2003-august heatwave, 90s-f. many bush fires in surrey, got close to one within a mile, could see the flames raging in trees, massive.

2006-long hot and dry summer, surrey drought, river thames very low, violent thunderstorm july, the 3months that followed were very thundery, mostly hot to sept and warm oct.

2009-febuary(1st into 2nd sunday to monday i think?)

the great snowfall, surrey blocked off, areas around local and my town getting 18inces level snow. Deepest snow since 87.

1987-january blizzards and severe cold from the east.

2010-prolonged cold, snowfall 3or4 inces laid for wks.

(list not in order of great event greatness)

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