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November 1881

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November 1881 was a very mild month with a CET of 8.9, the 7th mildest November in the CET records.

The month actually started off very cold with frosts and even snow in places but it quickly turned into a very month. On some days, maxima were into the high teens.

Some high November maxima recorded during the month

Camden Square: 16.9C (5th)

Stratfield Turgiss: 17.6C (5th)

Norwich: 18.1C (5th)

Barnstaple: 17.2C (5th)

Llandudno: 17.1C (8th)

Inverness: 15.6C (14th)

Waterford: 18.3C (20th)


Some reports

Hitchin: A most extraordinary month, the warmest November in our record. Furious gale on 27th

Culford: The month was exceedingly fine and mild with frequent high winds.

Cossey: A genial month with a great deal of sunshine.

Bodmin: A mean of 11.2C. warmest November on record here.

Woolstaston: A mean of 10.8C, a singularly warm month.

Boston: Bright sunshiny days and mild temps.

Grimsby: Very fine and unusually pleasant weather, scarcely any fogs.

Mansfield: The month was remarkable for its mildness and for beautiful spring-like days.

Cargen: Mean temp: 8.1C (+3.0C)

Aberdeen: The first half of the month was unusually mild, the temp being abnormally high for the time of the year.

Killaloe: A mean temp of 9.3C (+3.0C)

There was a major gale on the 27th and 28th.


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Interesting, it seems London and the SE may reach 17C or possibly 18C during the next few days!?

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