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Eastbourne Airbourne 2010

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Just a few from this weekend:

post-6667-032989100 1281893427_thumb.jpg

post-6667-072905000 1281892906_thumb.jpg

post-6667-032056300 1281891813_thumb.jpg

post-6667-044860000 1281891850_thumb.jpg

post-6667-052024100 1281891981_thumb.jpg

post-6667-064644600 1281892009_thumb.jpg

post-6667-075047900 1281892049_thumb.jpg

post-6667-046385200 1281892066_thumb.jpg

post-6667-081103200 1281892100_thumb.jpg

post-6667-090061300 1281892153_thumb.jpg

post-6667-075980500 1281892167_thumb.jpg

post-6667-056788500 1281893046_thumb.jpg

post-6667-025228300 1281893490_thumb.jpg

post-6667-035993300 1281893696_thumb.jpg

post-6667-058405500 1281894019_thumb.jpg

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Great photos, would like to see more, few years ago i made a film their on dv tape, its an amazing seafront show, was their a nimrod? thats my favourite, and the red arrows...wow..they put on an incredible display.

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As they move around the coastline, they are beginning to appear in Bournemouth, with the Lancatser and a SPit (I think) just flown in over the beach & pier area in Bournemouth, ready for the show starting in town tomorrow. Local estimates have it suggested at1million visitors to the town over the next 4 days.

More grockles, like we don't have enough already :crazy:

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