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The Very Thundery Summer Of 1872

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The summer of 1872 was a wet and exceptionally thundery summer with frequent and at times severe thunderstorms.

Some reports of the thunderstorms that occurred during that summer.


7th: Thunderstorms in the counties of Bedford. Oxford, York, Monmouth, Ross, Tipperary and Galway

8th: Thunder in Devonshire, North Yorkshire, Nairn and Inverness

9th: Thunder heard in Devonshire, Ayrshire and Tipperary

10th: Thunder in Sussex, north Lancashire and Renfrew

18th: Exceptionally thundery with widespread severe thunderstorms.

Pinner Hill: The most severe thunderstorm we have had for 30 years

Ashburton: Fearful thunderstorm at 8pm

Clawton: Terrific thunderstorm during evening and night

Dartmoor: Severe thunderstorm from 7.30pm to 4.30am

Mansfield: A very remarkable thunderstorm; rain in torrents and hailstones of immense size, peal after peal of the loudest thunder.

Chesterfield: Severe thunderstorm at night

Macclesfield: Thunderstorm lasting 12 hours.

Ripon: A succession of thunderstorms from 11am to 8pm

Swansea: Violent thunderstorm

Milford: Lightning almost continuous


Thunderstorms in north Middlesex, Kent, Essex, Norfolk, Warwickshire, Salop, Yorks, Radnor and Ross

26th: Thunderstorm in Norfolk, thunder in Bedford and Nottingham

Culford: 7 days of thunder

Orleton: 8 days of thunder

Boston: 6 days of thunder



4th: Thunderstorms in various parts

6th: Thunderstorms almost universal throughout England and Wales

7th: Particularly violent storms along the English/Welsh border. Tornado near Bodenham in Herefordshire

11th: Thunderstorms in Sussex, Middlesex, Bedford, Norfolk, Leicester, Nottingham, Chesterfield, Chester, Whitby

12th: Thunderstorms at Cambridge, East Anglia, north Lancashire and east Yorkshire

13th: Hailstorm at Dartford, floods in south Yorkshire

16th: Storm in Devon

19th: Storm at Ipswich

22nd: Storms in Middlesex, Kent, Hampshire, Sussex, Bedford, Devon, north Lancashire, Yorkshire, Nairn

23rd: Thunderstorms in eastern counties

24th: Severe storm at Ipswich

26th: Thunderstorms in several counties

27th: Storm in Tipperary and Cork

30th: Sharp thunderstorms in southern England


1st: Thunder in north Devon

2nd: Thunder in Pinner, Diss, Chichester, Tavistock

3rd: Thunder at Forest hill, slight storm at Milford

5th: Small storms throughout England and Scotland

6th: Thunder in Shropshire, Yorkshire and Lancashire

7th: Thunderstorms prevalent in most parts.

8th: Sharp thunderstorm in Midland counties

9th: Thunderstorm in Monmouthshire

10th: Thunder at Broughton-in-Furness (15th day of thunder since 7th of June), thunder in Nairn and Inverness

21st: Thunderstorm at Buckish, Ashburton, Llanfrechfa, Swansea

25th: Thunderstorms at Bideford and Beverley

30th: Sharp thunderstorm at Diss



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That would be my ideal summer, with a the odd dry, sunny and very warm day in between :whistling:

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