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Help! Weatherlink Disaster!

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Had a disaster today, using a Davis Vantage Pro connected to my PC and after a BSOD on my PC last night (thats another story but hopefully fixed the cause now) and now seems I've lost my .WLK files from Nov 2009 onwards (.WLK files are the database records files?) - and also my weatherlink won't read the existing ones.(I did a file search for .wlk files and this only showed the ones up to Oct 2009 - but I don't fully trust the Windows search so I re-indexed my C: drive and the missing ones - i.e. Nov 2009 - Jan 2010 - briefly appeared - then disappeared again!)

Why did this happen today of ALL days??!! IN Bristol and of course the projected severe snow low forming tonight so need to get it back working ASAP!

I was on Weatherlink 5.8.3 so I upgraded it to 5.9.0 to see if that would help but still have this problem.

Funny thing is, that when I call up the NOAA monthly reports, it shows highs lows etc up to the current moment - so the missing files must be there?

The specific errors i get msg: "error saving program config file" then another msg: "cannot open file (and it goes through all the .wlk files up to Oct 2008) the file's attribute may be read only"

Very VERY grateful therefore if anyone could help me, not being a super weatherlink expert:

1. can I recover those lost files in any way?

2. Any idea why they apparently got moved/deleted? (funny how only the most recent ones went)

3. How do i re-connect weatherlink and make sure its recording everything again?

I will willingly supply any other data/analysis if required - but hope someone can pls help me resolve this very soon!

Many thanks in advance,


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