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Pennine Ten Foot Drifts

Pictorial Xmas Day Around Scapegoat Hill

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Went for a walk around the local environs this morning to capture the Xmas spirit of 2009 !

Around the house and garden first, including a icicles !

post-2239-12617522531513_thumb.jpg post-2239-12617522567113_thumb.jpg post-2239-12617522597913_thumb.jpgpost-2239-12617522627813_thumb.jpg post-2239-12617522681413_thumb.jpg post-2239-12617522742113_thumb.jpg

Lanes around the village

post-2239-12617522793113_thumb.jpg post-2239-12617523226113_thumb.jpg post-2239-12617523280413_thumb.jpg

Up on the tops

post-2239-12617523320913_thumb.jpg post-2239-12617523363513_thumb.jpg post-2239-12617523397213_thumb.jpg

A few views

post-2239-12617522704013_thumb.jpg post-2239-12617522849313_thumb.jpg post-2239-12617523541613_thumb.jpg post-2239-12617523575613_thumb.jpg

Narnia ?

post-2239-12617523454513_thumb.jpg post-2239-12617523516013_thumb.jpg

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Great photo's PTDF. Looking at those I reckon you had about twice the amount of snow I got ( 12cm )and it must have been much more windy, no drifts at all of that size around here.

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Nice to see the return of icicles. :)

Very beautiful pictures, thanks for posting them!

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