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The Very Mild And At Times Stormy Spell Of Late October-Early November 1927

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There was an exceptionally mild and at times stormy spell that ran from the 25th October to the 4th of November 1927. Maxima into the high teens were frequently recorded in this period with some truely exceptionally mild nights.

A maximum of 19.4C was recorded at Cambridge on the 25th and Bath recorded a minimum of 16.1C on the 27th.

On the 2nd of November, 17.8C was recorded at Yarmouth, 19.4C at Tynemouth

25th October-4th November 1927 CET: 13.1C


There was a severe gale on the 28th of October which severely hit the Morecambe Bay/Fylde area of Lancashire causing coastal flooding.

Wind gusts (in mph)

Southport: 96

Weaver Point: 89

Quilty: 85

Holyhead: 85

Sealand: 82

Cranwell: 80

Valentia: 79

Fleetwood: 78

Scilly: 77

Falmouth: 75

Newcastle: 75

Aldegrove: 74

Spurn Head: 74

Eskdalemuir: 74

Edinburgh: 60

Kew: 53

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Some very high temps around i see during the 1920'S christmas pudding,or was it their pre modern, or post , or middle era :)

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