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21st/22nd October 1819: Snow In London

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21st October 1819

After rain and a little sleet, it began to snow about noon falling in very large flakes, thick and rapidly for an hour and covering the ground: some rain followed. In the evening the wind rose and it blew hard in the night from about NNW. At midnight came on a second heavy fall of snow which continued till 6am, it lay in the morning full three inches deep. The day of course, presented the appearance of midwinter with the single exception of the foliage still remaing on the trees which mingled with the enormous burden of snow, presented a very singular and grotesque appearance. The somewhat moist state of the snow caused it to be very adhesive and the frost cementing the masses, the very walls and fences remained thickly coated for some hours. Much damage was done by the breaking down of large limbs.

Snow remained in places the whole of the day. (23rd)

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One thing I forgot to mention about this is that just over a week before this, temperatures were as high as 25C on the 12th in London.

12th October 1819

Max: 25C

Min: 13.9C

21st October 1819

Max: 5.6C

Min: -1.1C

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By the looks of things a veritable month of two halves:

1st-15th October 1819 = 13.2C

16th-31st October 1819 = 5.2C

Overall CET = 9.1C

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