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Members ' Best Buys '

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If you've bought a product recently and been really pleased with it, this is the place to let other members know.

Some basic guidelines to make sure this dosen't become a showroom for manufacturers or spammers:

  • Please be factual in your report and description
  • Only offer your opinion, not hearsay or rumour or 'someone else said'.
  • No direct links to sites where people can purchase products - if you have given the name or details of it, we can all use a search engine or auction site!
  • No prices. If you think the product was good value for money then please let us know, but we don't want a price list!
  • Try to stick to products you think other members would be interested in, no 'online pharmaceuticals' or 'cosmetic surgery' type stuff or products that are illegal or banned in any country.
  • Only tangible products please

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I admit there's a fair bit of love affair going on with it but in terms of enhancing life, it's brilliant. Before I bought it I was a tad concerned with running costs, it seemed so wasteful, not to say expensive to have something constantly running. It's a 3 oven, natural gas model which 2 years ago came in at estimated running costs of £10 per week, did the sums, figured it would be turned off for at least five months of the year (it's not, it's turned off for servicing and that's all) and went for it.

I no longer need a tumble dryer as washing is hung above on an airer, the kettle and toaster are obsolete and as the kitchen is in the middle of the house, it keeps everything toasty preventing the central heating kicking in half as often.

All in all my combined energy costs have gone DOWN by 38% annually since it was installed, saving a small fortune.

And it makes the best roast spuds in the world.

Highly recommend them to anyone.

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Definately has be my iPhone. There really is nothing it cant do although there are some downsides such as the camera isnt the best, bluetooth is a bit crap and the battery doesnt last as well as other phones. I think the price is what puts most people off but now that Orange will be selling it there may be a bit of a price war.

I looked at many other phones before getting the iPhone and none were even comparable to it, the interface is very intuitive, clear and easy to use, the apps are brilliant and most of its downfalls can be solved by downloading an app.

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My Morphy Richards Intellisteam. I wouldn't be without it.

It can steam a complete dinner for 4 or just your veggie for up to 8, though you can do just one item if you want it to. It times everything to finish at the same time, you can change the pre-set times if you like your veg a bit crunchier or a bit softer and it cooks at different times in each compartment to suit different items. It can keep your dinner warm at the end of cooking too so if your Roasties or your meat is a bit late coming out the oven, no problem.

Easy to clean and it looks fab on my work surface.

Love it, love it, love it.

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It has to be my Blackberry Bold 9000.

I can get and send my e mails and chat on MSN or facebook where ever I am so it saves me going to the PC. Nice big keys for my not so nimble fingers too.

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One recommendation for PC gamers who like first person shooters would be the Orange Box.

In effect, this package offers six high quality games for the price of one. Half-Life 2 and both expansions are included, plus Team Fortress 2 (a good online multiplayer fest), Portal (a puzzle-style diversion that has won many people over with its unique take on the FPS setting) and HL2 Lost Coast. For the average gamer there must be in order of 40 hours of single-player gameplay, easily, not to mention the multiplayer facilities as well.

I think Half-Life 2 as a single player game is slightly overrated by critics, but still very good (I would give it nearer 90% rather than 96%). The game is very strong on the physics front in particular, with an impressive simulation of gravity and water and throwable objects. The same goes for both expansions.

The only downside for some is that Valve's Software Steam utility comes with DRM that requires an internet connection (an offline mode is available but has its limitations), which can be a pain if you don't have a reliable internet connection and essentially means you're effectively renting rather than buying. But considering the tremendous value for money and the fact that you can install on any number of PCs (it's tied to a Steam account, not a PC) it's not a big deal here.

A side note: consumers are better off downloading this from Steam directly IMHO instead of getting the boxed version, because the boxed version can be a pain to install.

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Humax Freesat High Definition PVR hard disk recorder. Humax FOXSATHDR

The OP said no prices but it can be found for c.£50 less than its RRP. (Even cheaper for refurbs from Humax direct). Google for Joinfreesat for info on Freesat in general and product prices of this and other boxes.

BBC and ITV HD for free so Murdo$h & $ky dont get a penny. Note: If you want more sport apart from ITV HD footie BBC Wimbledon, Athletics etc. then you'll have to pay $ky best part of £300-£400 a year. I only really want BBC Science and Nature, Documentary & Drama type progs in HD so it's great for me. Mrs Kar wanted "Strictly" in HD last year so that was the only excuse I needed to buy this! (Top Gear will be in HD next series). ITV HD is getting better... OON please note that the new Doc Martin series is in HD.

You can use an existing Sky Dish installation

My Freeview signal is not great and after this weeks retune I have now lost at least another 6 channels!! This is a good way around that problem.

Other Freesat PVR's are now on the market but Humax is reknown for being the brand of choice for enthusiasts for this and Freeview PVR's

If you find the 320GB disk is not big enough just swap the Hard drive for a 1TB (PVR type) one. It's a 5 minute 4 screws job.

The ethernet port and BBC I-player will be activated sometime this autum/winter on all Freesat boxes so you'll be able to download and record from that as well with a broadband connection. (It's currently being beta tested by some memebers of the public).

The bit I like most is Murdo$h doesnt get a penny off me. (I even made a profit out of him on the dish installation with $ky Pay Once Watch Forever but they closed that loop hole in July by withdrawing that product.)

PM me if anyone wants more info.

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