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Windows Installer

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I seem to be having difficulty installing products via Windows installer and via Live Update.

Where would be the starting point to look for these problems.

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Should this not theoretically be in the Community Forum : Techie thingy section? (Just a thought!)

Otherwise, I'd suggest... If a new OS upgrade, and bear in mind that this can be risky so back up all previous data that you have FIRST AND FOREMOST BEFORE undertaking any OS changes.

Secondly, Problemshooter, (or troubleshooter if you like!) Can be found if you click 'Start' Then 'Help and Support' then type in the keyword(s) you may require.

Thirdly... What products are you looking for in particular? I'd go to http://filehippo.com for maybe what you need if need to re-install certain aspects of software.

Hope this is of some help to you.

Phil. (See you on 16th Seppy!)

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