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August 2009 Summary's And Statistics

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Average temperatures, below average rainfall and sunshine

A mediocre and unremarkable Summer month. At least it was not a wet one, and although quite dull, temperatures were respectable. Overall it was the warmest month of Summer 2009. Maxima saw very little variation from the mean, ranging from 17.6c to 24.2c. There was more variation by night, with warm and cool nights at times. Rainfall, although quite frequent, was generally light, the wettest day having just 9.8mm. The month often had a humid feel to it, and the second half was often windy.

1st to 9th: A mainly dry, and rather warm opening to the month with sunny spells, the only real rain being on the 3rd.

10th to 15th: Rather cloudy and drizzly with near normal temperatures (11th warm and sunny though).

16th to 19th: Rather warm with sunny spells and mostly dry but breezy.

20th to 31st: Unsettled and windy, with spells of mainly light rain and showers. Often cloudy but still with sunny spells. Rather cool to average temperatures.


Total rainfall: 63.6mm

Wettest day: 9.8mm 31st

Rain days >0.2mm: 18

Wet days >1.0mm: 12

Days of heavy rain >10mm: 0

Mean temperature: 15.95c

Mean Max: 20.5c

Mean Min: 11.4c

High max: 24.2c 19th

Low Max: 17.6c 28th/29th

High min: 16.1c 19th

Low min: 4.6c 22nd

Air frost: 0

Ground frost: 0

Mean RH: 84%

High RH: 97% various

Low RH: 52% 5th

Predominant wind directions: SSE

Mean wind speed: 1.9mph

Mean pressure: 1013mbar

Max pressure: 1023mbar 8th

Min pressure: 999mbar 26th

Days with:

Hail: 0

Sleet or snow: 0

Snow lying 0900: 0

Gale: 0

Thunder: 0 (lightning observed on the 31st though)

Fog: 1

post-2595-12519248975592_thumb.jpg post-2595-12519249180147_thumb.jpg

Note re graphs:

WS2300 station

Temperature: sensor over-records maxima at times during sunny afternoons with winds from the southerly half by up to 1c, so the maxima on these occasions is adjusted down.

Pressure: Add 18mbar for actual as cannot get it to graph this!

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Monthly Weather Report for Garioch Weather Station, Inverurie, Aberdeenshire – August 2009

Here in NE Scotland, it was warmer than average, and a little drier, but also less sunny.

Mean Temperature: 15.2°C, 1.6°C higher than the 13.6°C long term average (LTA.

Minimum Temperature: 8.3°C, on the 25th.

Mean Minimum Temperature: 11.6°C, 1.6°C higher than the 10°C LTA.

Maximum Temperature: 22.9°C, on the 8th.

Mean Maximum Temperature: 19.4°C, 1.6°C higher than the 17.8°C LTA.

Maximum High Wind Speed: 29.0mph, on the 28th.

Total Rainfall: 66.3mm, 7.1mm less than the 73.4mm LTA (90.3%).

Average Sunshine Hours: 4.3hrs per day, 0.4hrs less than the 4.7hrs per day LTA (90.6%).

For more detail, click here.

For 5 year comparisons of key data, click here.

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mean temp: 19.4C

max temp: 28.6C (19/8/09)

min day temp: 19.5C (30/08/09)

lowest min temp: 10.2C (29/08/09)

highest min temp: 17C (5/08/09 and 31/08/09)

average max: 24.2C

average min: 14.5C

An above average month temperature wise, 17 out of the 31 days recorded a night min of 15C or higher, most likely due to the cloud cover, all but one day recorded a temperature of 20C or higher, and 9 days recorded a temperature of 25C or higher

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Weather for Cleadon, August 2009, relative to estimated 1971-2000 averages:

Mean Maximum: 20.4C (+1.5)

Mean Minimum: 13.4C (+1.8 )

Mean Temp 16.9C (+1.6)

Highest Max 25.6C (19th)

Lowest Min 9.6C (25th)

Precipitation 34mm (55%)

Wettest day: 17mm (31st)

Days of fog, hail, snow: 0

Days of thunder: 1

August was predominantly dry and warm but cloudy at times- the Met Office's sunshine maps suggest that it was slightly cloudier than July despite having only a quarter as much rain! Sunshine was only a little below normal though. The warmth was consistent rather than outstanding, and remarkably it was enough to make this the warmest August since 1997.

The sunniest weather was in the first third, when high pressure and southerly winds took over and the cloud and rain mainly affected the southeast. Other southerly incursions saw the opposite, when in the manner of February 1998, it was usually warm and sunny in the SE, dull and wet in the NW, and Cleadon would end up in a warm and dry but cloudy sector in the middle.

There was a notable (and somewhat unexpected) thunderstorm on the 31st, with torrential rain and thunder and lightning intermittently for about 35 minutes. The large cumulonimbus cell responsible for the main thunderstorm was so dark that the streetlights came on an hour before usual.

Summer 2009 overall had 30% more rain than usual and temperatures 1C above average (the departure slightly larger by night than by day) and sunshine was close to normal, so overall a significant improvement on the previous summer.

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