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Chris Knight

Natural Climate Change Symposium Online

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Symposium website here.

A series of video lectured accompanied by Powerpoint and PDF presentations.



held at


SUNDAY, 24 May, 2009,


(near Alexander Theatre, parking nearby)

This was a scientific symposium, open to the public, directed to explaining the natural driving forces that cause natural climate change. It was convened to show that the earth has recently completed a natural warming phase, and has now entered a natural cooling phase. This new understanding of the natural driving forces of climate change enables a reasonable prediction of future climate trends. It is emphasised that the speakers regard the understanding of natural climate change as a strictly scientific matter, and not a matter for resolution at political levels.

The speakers are all independent scholars who share an understanding that climate change on earth is determined by natural causes rather than by the influence of carbon emissions of mankind. The speakers are respected nationally and internationally for expertise in their field.

Emeritus Professor Lance Endersbee, AO, FTSE. ( Convenor)

William Kininmonth, former Head, National Climate Centre, Bureau of Meteorology,

Richard Mackey

Ian Wilson, PhD.

David Archibald.

Professor Robert Carter, Marine Geophysical Laboratory, James Cook University.


The Recent History of Man, and the Influence of Climate.

Carbon Dioxide and Computer Models: the Fatal Flaw.

Carbon Dioxide and the Oceans.

The Electric Universe.

The Role of the Sun in Regulating the Climate Dynamics of the Earth.

External Forcing of the Rotation Rate of the Earth, and Climate Effects.

Solar Cycles, Cosmic Radiation, Clouds, and Climate.

The Moon - Extreme Tides QBO, SOI and ENSO

Scientific Summary: The Dynamic Drivers of Natural Climate Change.

Towards a New Public Understanding of the Natural Climate.

Link to Robert Carter's website also has further links to YouTube lectures.

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Thanks for that, Chris. I'm sure I'll get round to viewing an odd lecture or two. :)

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