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How Severe Will The Sun's Minimum Be?



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  1. 1. How Quiet Will the Sun Get?

    • Dalton-style Minimum
    • Maunder-style Minimum
    • Nothing out of the Ordinary
  2. 2. Will it Affect Global Temps?

    • No
    • Yes - A Little Cooler
    • Yes - A Lot Cooler

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  • Location: Norton, Stockton-on-Tees
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  • Location: Norton, Stockton-on-Tees

    With the sun in the depths of a lengthy minimum, I was wondering to what extent does everyone think this minimum will reach, and how will if affect our climate, if at all?

    Further to the discussion over on the Solar Activity thread, I believe that if Livingston and Penn are on to something then there is a chance we could experience a Maunder-style minimum with possibly disasterous consequences. However, I think that a Dalton-style minimum is probable, and I believe that global temperatures will drop although AGW will largely offset any cooling.

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