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A Guide To 'reputation'

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The new reputation system which has been implemented onto the forums has bought some debate so we thought we would put together a guide to using it for those who are unsure.

At the moment it is possible to give both positive and negative points to posts, the points you and others give are displayed onto the post and also add to the members overall reputation. As part of the system you will see that there is a menu at the bottom of threads to enable you to filter out posts below a certain rating threshold and it will also highlight posts with a high number of positive points.

The thinking behind implementing the system is to hopefully allow those users who would like a quick way to view the most helpful/interesting/relevant posts the option to use the system, and in a similar vein it will also allow people to quickly find out who the most respected members currently are if they wish to follow certain posters in particular. Of course, as with any user ratings all these things are open to interpretation as the saying goes 'one man's rubbish is another man's treasure', but we hope it'll be a positive addition tothe community.

There is a limit to the number of votes each members can place during each 24 hour period - currently this is set to 10 positives and 2 negatives. The lower limit on negative votes is in place to stop that option being abused.

So, when should you use your votes? Of course that's up to you, but as a suggestion, why not give positive votes to posts which you think are helpful, informative, interesting, well written or add to the discussion in any other way.

There are only 2 negative votes available a day (of course you don't have to use all your available votes), so the key is to use them sparingly and with some thought. Again, it's your choice as to how you use them, but as a suggestion perhaps when a post is likely to take a discussion off topic, doesn't add anything to the discussion, is overly aggressive,closed minded, anti-social, overly controversial and so on. What we would say is that disagreeing with a post isn't necessarily a good reason to give it a negative point - in fact even if you do disagree with a post, if it is what you consider to be well written and well thought out, we would encourage you to give it one of your positive votes.

As always, if you see a post which you feel steps beyond the rules and guidelines of the forum, we would encourage you to report it as opposed to merely giving it a negative point.

We do have the facility to monitor the votes being given on the system and will be using this to try and ensure that there is no misuse of it- obviously with so many posts and members this isn't something we can do without the help of everyone in the community, so if you feel that there is something untoward happening at any time please do let a member of the team know.

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Thanks Paul. i am sure that once the settling down period is over then the "reputation" marking of posts will work as a good indicator to which posts are worth a good read as opposed to just a quick glance :)

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i think its an excellent idea..and i hope net weather keep's the idea...

majority of people on here are sensible and i know they will use the system with respect...

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Let's see what happens with this post then... ph34r.gif


Do I get 4 positive reputation points or more for that above post? I very much doubt it, but Mondy must have his own fan base diablo.gifsmile.gif

minus -1. Oh well!

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