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Anyone Live Near Aylesbury?!?

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Hi guys and gals,

I am looking to buy a new SLR as i have decided i really want to take photography to the next level. I have been taking amateur photos for many years but want to do it professionally. I currently have a Canon EOS 350d camera but am looking to upgrade and was wondering whether to buy a Canon 40d or Canon 50d. I also want to know what lenses are good (not too expensive) as i have a wedding to photograph in December and i am their only photographer and want to make sure i take the best possible photographs. I don't know much about how to use the creative features on a camera, only the pre sets. I would like if possible for someone who lives nearby to perhaps speand a day or two training me on how to make the most of my camera and its features. I am no good at learning through written material and prefer hands on experience.

Can anyone help me????

If you want any more info, please message me.

Thanks in advance!!! xxx

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Hi Zoe,

I am in the Marlow area and do one to one training, though I do charge for my time. I am free during the week or weekends.. If you are interested give me a shout!


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I have two separate friends who both do wedding photography as their job. One thing they both say is have a back-up card with you and an additional set of batteries + take photos on both cards. Both have insurance against the worst outcome, and unfortunately one had to use it recently when her Canon 5D decided not to play!

Good luck, get plenty of practise in. :shok:

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