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Broadband speed test

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Considering our relative remoteness I am quite pleased with teh down speed here, however 370kb/s up is awful slow if you want to upload a video for example.
There are vague suggestions the local exchange might be upgraded in a year or two but if they stuck to the original schedule it would be done now, they tell big lies I think.

Next year we might actually get a decent mobile signal including 3G which will run this result close, and be a real boon for some of those further up the valley who struggle to get 1Mb/s

The big problem here is contention rate in the evening, when my near 6Mb/s is often well below 2Mb/s
BT/Virgin carefully avoid this issue when queried.
 know they can't realistically do much about it - but they won't actually say that. It is fun teasing them...
If a number of neighbours use mobile data more it might improve somewhat.

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