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Optimus Prime

Mays and Octobers

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There seems to be a notable instant where a freezing October follows and scorching May;

May October

1911 12.9c (+1.6c) 9.3c (-1.1c)

1912 12.1c (+0.8c) 8.2c (-2.2c)

1917 12.8c (+1.5c) 7.5c (-2.9c)

1918 13.0c (+1.7c) 9.3c (-1.1c)

1919 13.5c (+2.2c) 7.4c (-3.0c)

1922 12.7c (+1.4c) 8.2c (-2.2c)

1964 13.3c (+2.0c) 8.9c (-1.5c)

1992 13.6c (+2.3c) 7.8c (-2.6c)

2003 12.1c (+0.8c) 9.2c (-1.2c)

This mainly occured during the start of the last century. Although the combination have become rare, it still seems a warm May far more often then not is followed by a near average October.

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