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The remarkable November of 1947

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In a such memorable year with amazing weather, the November of 1947 is almost virtually overlooked but itself was a remarkable month with large temperature variations in a short space of time.

The month began very mild with tropical maritime air pumping up over the UK with maxima into the mid teens


The month became much colder with snowfalls and severe frosts mid-month


With a snow cover and slack gradients, the 19th was a very cold night over Scotland with a minimum of -17.2C recorded at Dalwhinnie but the following day, tropical maritime air flooded NEwards on the 20th and it became exceptionally mild with 17.2C recorded at Dunoon and Hawarden. The following 2 days were exceptionally mild as high as 18.3C due to the fohn effect at Hawarden and Llandudno


But on the 24th, the colder Arctic airflow was back and it became cold again with frosts and wintry showers and it remained cold to the end of the month


Data for November 1947

CET: 7.2 (+1.0)

Highest CET daily maximum: 15.7C (21st)

Lowest CET daily maximum: 1.9C (30th)

Highest CET daily minimum: 13.5C (22nd)

Lowest CET daily minimum: -3.2C (27th, 28th)

9th-12th: 12.1C

17th-19th: 1.9C

21st-23rd: 13.8C

26th-30th: 0.7C

19th November lowest min: -17.2C

20th November highest max: 17.2C

From the 21st November 1947 edition of the Times



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