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Moon Phases

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Thanks for the updates nigel B)

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Did anyone see the moon mysteries programme on the discovery channel last night? A scientist on there claims to have found a direct correlation between the moons eliptical orbit, and earthquakes. He has managed to predict a number of major quakes including the Asian Tsunami on boxing day 2004 using his theory pinpointing the area and magnitude. He says there is increased activity around the time of an eclipse of the sun. Interesting as LA suffered a 5.8 yuesterday and we are due an eclipse on Friday...

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REMEMBER WHEN I POSTED THIS March 15th this year

Look at the three dates i mentioned , that i was interested in JUNE 3RD was one of those dates , whats today JUNE 3rd

Morning everyone

Just to add to my last post

May 6th New moon phase also on this day the Pmoon will be in Perigee, looking at the perigee time table

January 19th 366435

February 14th 370215

March 10th 366301

April 7th 361082

May 6th 357771......................New moon

June 3rd 357250.....................closest since february

July 29th 363886

August 26th 368692

September 20th 368888

October 17th 363826

November 14th 358972

December 12th 356567..............closest to earth for the whole year

Three dates im interested in are on may 6th/ june 3rd/ and December 12th the main one

December perigee i think there may be a severe storm around this date, due to the moon being the closest to earth for the whole year. this event will also coincide with the SPRING TIDES, so im expecting very stormy conditions around the coastline

MAY event im going along the same lines with stormy conditions especially around the coast line, this could be a strong spring tide



This is the differance in height between high and low waters over a period about half a day, varies in a two week cycle

Around the new moon or full moon when the sun, moon, and earth form a line [known as a syzygy] the tidal forces due to the sun reinforce those of the moon. The tides range is then maximum {known as spring tides]

When the moon is at first quarter of last wuarter, the sun and moon are seperated by 90 degrees when viewed from the earth, and the forces due to the sun partially cancel those of the moon. At these points in the lunar cycle the tiides range is minimum {NEAP TIDE}

There is a 7 day interval between spring and neap tides

When the moon is in PERIGEE the range is increased and at APOGEE The range is decreased

Every 7.5 lunations PERIGEE coinincides with either new or full moon causing PERIGEAN TIDES,


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any further updates mate?

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Apogee dates

--------------------------------- ---------------------------------

Jan 3 8:07 405327 km N-5d 3h

F-3d 4h Jan 31 4:27 404531 km N-6d23h

N+6d21h Feb 28 1:28 404441 km F+6d21h

N+3d 4h Mar 26 20:14 405093 km F+5d 1h

N+1d15h Apr 23 9:35 405944 km F+2d23h

N+ 15h May 20 14:29 406402 km + F+ 12h

N- 6h Jun 16 17:34 406228 km + F-1d23h

N-1d 4h Jul 14 4:15 405451 km F-4d 3h

N-2d10h Aug 10 20:19 404556 km F-6d 0h


N-4d16h Sep 7 14:59 404209 km F-7d18h


F+4d18h Oct 5 10:35 404715 km N+6d 2h

F+2d10h Nov 2 4:56 405722 km N+4d 5h

F+1d 3h Nov 29 16:56 406479 km - N+2d 0h

++ F+ 4h Dec 26 17:51 406600 km -- N- 18h

Look at the dates ive underlined , september the 7th apogee can you spot something with the distance ,look at the distances throughout the yeaR ,

I dont think this is coincidense hevy rainfall on saturday the 6th the day before


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during the coarse for this months {july} moon phases

New moon {3rd}- First quarter 10th

Heavy rain through this period, heaviest of the rain fell on the 9th which was just before the First quarter moon phase, 11.4mm fell on this day , overall 32mm fell between these two dates

Between First quarter {10th} and Full Moon {18th] yesterday this was a relatively dry period where 17.6mm accumulated,

The driest sequence occured arround APOGEE where it was dry on the 13th/ 14th/ 15th/ 16th/ APOGEE fell on the 14th

Next sequence will be the Full Moon {yesterday 18th} to last quarter which is on the 25th

PERIGEE WILL occur on the 29th



Thanks for your last post , interesting read as always

has you mentioned about Perigee being at northern Max , Im still loooking around december 12th for a decent weather event to occur, PERIGEE AND FULL MOON to occur on the same day im expecting some very strong winds especially for the Western isles , {too early to be precise} but these are my thoughts


uncanning nigel keep up the good work




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