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Evening everyone

Sorry for starting a new thread , but what im trying to find out is regarding the NAO ...

My question is ,

Which stations are mainly used for gathering information ? i know its a pressure difference between Iceland and the Azores and until a few minutes ago i always thought the pressure was measured at Stykkisholmur [iceland] and Ponte Delgada {Azores]

however i have just found out there are two stations in iceland [the above one just mentioned] and Reykavik [sorry if its spelt wrong

and the Azores either Ponte Delgada / Lisbon/ or Gibraltar ,

and also what time is this information gained ? is it an average pressure difference throughout the day or is there a set time to use

Hope ive made sense from all that !!!


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Hi Nigel,

Have moved this to the Learners area, you will probably get more of a Response in there, usually questions are answered pretty quickly


Paul Sherman

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