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  1. QBO was moderate westerly in Autumn 2010 and became borderline strong westerly during winter 2010/2011 so the weak WQBO analysis for the up coming winter is not likely to be relevant to another December 2010. It was one of the outliers in my moderate WQBO analysis of Autumn's preceding the winter CET values. Most of those options came out milder than average. Talking of the QBO I feel it is time for another update since there appears to be more developments since my last one I shall start with the QBO phase plot from NASA Singapore site 1 - The highest part of this chart i
  2. Ian Docwra

    Snow Moon

    Home in NE Surrey. Snow fell heavily on 24 January 2021 and the sky cleared that night to allow a waxing gibbous moon to shine brightly.

    © Ian Docwra

  3. Ian Docwra

    Piled High

    From the album: Ian Docwra

    Our garden when we lived in Epsom, Surrey, just after the exceptional snow of February 2009 had stopped falling.

    © Ian Docwra

  4. From the album: Ian Docwra

    Our then garden in Epsom, Surrey after an exceptional snowfall in February 2009.

    © Ian Docwra

  5. Hi I had a question about Freezing fog that I don't seem to be able to find the awnsers for by google searching. Its my favourite type of weather phenomenon but I don't get to see it very often in my part of the world (Thames Valley/Marlborough Downs) We get plenty of fog here, autumn and winter, and there are many frost pockets and hollows but getting frost and fog at the same time always seems to be rare. I know freezing fog is brought about obviously by sub zero temperatures and areas of clear high pressure in winter, by why is that some clear some frosty highs produce freezing fog occai
  6. Here we go then, already plenty of interest in the strat this year, and with a La Nina likely, perhaps a less hardcore strat than last year can be expected? @chionomaniac will be along soon to fill in his thoughts on where things may be headed this year, but in the meantime, I've copied his excellent strat guide from 2015 below. For more info you can also read his full tutorial here: https://www.netweather.tv/charts-and-data/stratosphere/tutorial Ed's opener from 2015/16 As ever, the first post will become both a reference thread and basic learning thread for those wanting
  7. Good morning all! Still cant get into my old account but here are some photos of the past 3 or 4 days here in Latvia. Some from Riga and the rest from rural Latvia in Berzpils (25-30km from Russian border). Will be here until 1st and flying back in the evening. Currently snowing lightly although not on radar but a good 6 to 10 inches... perhaps more in places. Expecting a little more snow over the next couple of days and temperature may get above 0c so may see a little snow melting but currently -3.5c. May add some more photos in the coming days. Have a very merry Chri
  8. Looking towards the Howgills, Whinash Ridge and the Yorkshire Dales from Cunswick Scar in the Lake District. Today's snow showers from the NE didn't get any further west than the Howgills. What is interesting is how the altitude has made such a difference to where the snow is lying. The River Kent valley is green whilst the surrounding hills are white. The snow event earlier this week was marginal which is so often the case here, the influence of Morecambe Bay is strong.

    © Kate Willshaw

  9. BruenSryan

    28 Feb 2018

    © Sryan Bruen

  10. BruenSryan

    28 Feb 2018

    © Sryan Bruen

  11. Hi folks this might be a bit to earlly but what are your thoughts and hopes for winter 2017-2018?
  12. This weekend's notably cold event for mid March and now with Amber warnings from the Met Office for snow
  13. From the album: Bempton

    Saw icicles here in 2010, but very unusual this late in the season
  14. With a potential cold end to winter and start to spring on the horizon, here's a thread to discuss the ins and outs of that, how the latest forecasts are looking and so on. There's obviously a lot of chat in the model thread about this currently, and you can also find info about the SSW over in the strat thread. Nick has also blogged about the SSW here: Sudden Stratospheric Warming This Weekend, But What Is It & How Will It Affect Our Weather? And about the model mayhem currently being caused by it here: Sudden Stratospheric Warming Brings Weather Model Mayhem It's fa
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