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Found 31 results

  1. Hi all, A retired police constable turned climatologist claims snow will fall all over the UK this winter! I talk about this in more detail on my blog here but thought I would put it in general discussion as well The Met Office have already spoken up and said that he doesn't use a scientific way of forecasting and that winter will be cold, it's winter. Ha. Anyway he goes onto say that Christmas day will be snowy for the north but no luck for the south. Apparently though the south of UK will see large amounts of snow into the new year and temperatures will drop into 5-. He says he is hardly ever wrong so who knows, we might be in for some luck here in the UK. I personally can only remember one year that we had amazing snow here in the south of the UK. It was great. Either way fingers crossed.
  2. Can you remember these, before the ITV weather. i worked at ITV at the time as a forecaster, briefing the presenters and creating the graphics. It was part of our job to chose which one to use. It should reflect the weather forecast, although sometimes we just chose our favourites, and at weekends were a little bit silly. Windy coat man was a big fave and umbrella woman. All the lightning ones got banned as they were a risk to people with epilepsy. Some were only allowed to be shown around the Late weathers as they were too scary. The office used to get lots of phone calls and comments, some quite deranged about these idents. Probably the most remembered set from PowerGen
  3. Hi - I was wondering if someone could help with a question on the best forecasting site, app or API for forecasts i want in the UK. I need approximately 80 forecasts returned for a set of co-ords all at the one time preferably in tabular form. Metcheck displays multiple locations for things like UK seaside but if anyone knows of a way of extracting this info in to a table then this would be very helpful. thanks for any help
  4. I saw someone do this last year so I thought I'd start one for 2018 (I know it's quite a few months away but shh!). The predictions I made for 2017 so far have gone very wrong so let's see shall we?... January: Cold and very dry, with lots of anticyclonic influences. Snow at times, more so in the east but everywhere seeing at least a few decent snow events. Quite sunny in places. February: Quite cool, especially in the first-half with some snowfall. A mild, wet and windy spell around the 18th before becoming chillier again. March: Mild and very unsettled with frequent gales. Unsurprisingly very wet. April: Quite cool, with some wintry potential at times. Fairly wet. May: Unsettled with near normal temperatures. Fairly wet. Warm at times in the second-half with south and easterly winds but some thunderstorms. June: Cool and unsettled, wet or very wet but with a hot spell starting at the end of the month. July: First-half quite warm, but becoming cool, wet and windy in the second half. Overall fairly cool and very wet. August: Exceptionally cold and wet. Unusually windy with the Azores being virtually non-existent. Possibly as cold, maybe even slightly colder than August, 1986. September: Quite warm and very dry, with many not seeing rain until the final week. October: Warm at first, but turning very unsettled in the second-half. Warmer and wetter than average. November: Quite chilly and very dry, with an anticyclone persisting for much of the month. Heavy snowfall at the end of the month with easterly winds, around the 28th. December: A mixed month. Rather mild and unsettled at times during the first-half, but becoming chilly and anticyclonic in the run-up to Christmas. Unsettled for New Year's Eve. Sounds like an interesting year if it came off. Add your random guesses if you like.
  5. During the 28th the weather was rather humid, but there were no signs in our part of the approaching chaos that was to hit the hythe/kent area that night, even though the forecasts warned of possible storms. By late evening about 10pm, I could hear rumbles and decided to look outside to see if it was a Thunderstorm or just some old person putting the bin out. Sure enough from then on, it turned from the odd flash, to strikes and flashes every few mins. One of the most amazing storms I have ever seen in my life. What was really gutting though, was I didn't have a fully charged camera and missed out on many strikes that not only knocked our power out, but set car alarms off!
  6. This is a cool little TimeLapse that I captured using the LapseIt Pro app on my iPhone 5s.
  7. Of course, first Vivaldi - Four Seasons - Winter..Just exquisite!
  8. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! Afterall, we are all weather lovers. Right? Today, it was polluted in Beijing. 300 on the AQI scale which is hazardous :(....It was dark and gloomy and it was not unbearable cold but chilly. Now does this reflect my mood on this day? Well, yes and no. I am happy to have amazing life and amazing friends but I think it would be nice to have a walk with someone even if wearing a mask haha How is your day going? And no, you don't have to be romantic to answer to this post.
  9. Years ago, I was walking during winter in Beijing. Siberian winds over my face. I tried to speak and all that came from my lips was a mumbling sound. I was literally frozen. Today, I was out and I have been for the past 4 years, just to discover that winter is not cold anymore in Beijing. Today 0 degrees. The main problem here is pollution, But even these days it is 'clean' and sunny. Is this a consequence of the global warming too or pollution? Has anyone been in China before and noticed the difference? It would be a good research for me and my future days. BTW, new on this community.
  10. Weather And Aviation?

    My passion for weather comes hand in hand with my passion for aviation. How many here have the same hand in hand passion? I find that it's quite a common thing. Planespotting on a day with severe weather is particularly fun, I have a Youtube Channel as a hobby. Take for example, this video of a beautiful clear November day, frost just cleared (Hard frost the night before), and a light northerly wind.
  11. Foggy Winter

    Even more photo's here -> https://500px.com/neil79
  12. Big Data and Weather

    Hello. Hope you've been having a great day! I am a high school student attending school in Dubai. While searching for a question I could research on, I found out that the topic of big data was interesting. Thinking further, I believed that big data had a great impact on weather predictions and measurement. So I decided to create a questionnaire- it would be awesome if anyone could answer it during their free time. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfqOiML1V1pyLcbuBasRn9Mx-8IajalB0njIZN-7fIIrd67tQ/viewform Thank you!
  13. Beautiful Earth

    Seriously incredible views of the weather around the world that i found on you tube. The hurricanes look so fascinating from above. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8q7_qX1FsiNUa9bDc1jFqw
  14. Weather related music mix

    Hi all. I am an amature DJ and also a keen weather enthusiast and been a member on here for a little while now and so pleased i found this site as i have learned so much more about the wonderful weather we have. So in return i have decided to put my mixing skills to the test and do a special weather related mix... So if you can please leave any songs you can think of that are related to the weather be it by song title or song /artist themselves. I will choose the best ones and create a mix for you all to enjoy soon. Thanks in advance 'doctor'
  15. Hello everyone, I've just introduced this new topic about Greece. As you may know Greece doesn't mean just sun, fair weather and beaches. Furthermore, the very complicated orography can affect the weather from a place to another even if the distance is just a few Kilometers. So, I will use this topic to prove what I said . Of course, if anyone has any comments, queries or even matterial from Greece, he/she can upload.
  16. Rain Watch Hi everyone, have decided to start up a separate topic to look more closely at expected rainfall accumulations in the days ahead. It's a concern that more new floods are possible if not likely through this weekend and into next week, this coming from several large scale weather systems and possible Atlantic storms hitting the UK and ROI over the next 7 days at least, it's likely that some breaks in the rain will occur at times though. I'm not going to hide the fact that severe floods in new areas are possibly on the way I say possibly even if I think likely, which I do. Below I've put on a rain alert map created from precipitation data models of which the one's I have access, please use my map as a general guide of where the heaviest rain could be accumulated over the next 48hrs or so, please do allow for some small adjustments do not take the map as 100 percent set in stone, usually the expected accumulations of rainfall may be more or less in any one area and exact locations can change, I might not be able to update map. (Map can be shared where you like) Map expires MON 0300hrs - January 4 W = on the map this means that I am watching for upgrades of 30mm or more. Light yellow + W =30mm - rainfall may get accumulated up to 30mm but may upgrade to 40mm for a level 1 so is under a watch zone. Yellow = 40mm - 50mm accm rain Orange = 50mm - 80mm accm rain Red = 80mm - 100mm accm rain Dark red = 100+ accm rain. Many areas seeing rain this heavy at times some very heavy and prolonged, expect 10mm-25mm generally. Some of the largest rainfalls likely to occur over higher ground. For the winds associated with these weather systems/storms likely gale or severe gale at times please see other threads and warnings. Please post anything related to rainfall forecasting, model ppn data, alerts and warnings, your own rain maps and forecasts. ZONE51.
  17. Good Evening to you all. As the Warm/Hot Spell is ending as we speak or has ended depending on where you are the cool spell slowly taking over the UK with unsettled weather as it main force. Your opinions/thoughts on the spell/period. Please also be respectful of other users opinions as well...
  18. Hi, I start a topic on the weather in Italy, focusing on the weather in the city of Siena and in Tuscany. Italy has a very complex climate. The position on Mediterranean Sea and the intricate orography of its territory makes forecast very difficult and sometimes unpredictable also in the very short range. As you can see in the map town of Siena is situated in the centre-north Italy, in the heart of Tuscany, 50 km south of Florence, the capital of Tuscany, and 185 north to Rome. Italy's capital. Siena' centre(where I live) is located at the altitude of 310-360 meters and was build majorly in the Middle Age on three hills. The weather is mild. Summer is hot and dry. Autumn can be very wet and rainy, Winter cool but very very rarely cold. Snow falls 1-3 times a year. The mean in 61-90 was about 20-25cm per years, in the last two decades the mean dropped to 10cm per years. The coldest month is January with a Mean Temperature of +5°C, the hottest is July with a Mean T. of +22.2°C, the yearly mean. Temperature is 13.2°C This datas are based on 61-90 mean of Siena's University station, located in the center of the town, 348 m.
  19. What is your favourite meteorological expression? Mine definately has to be "Spring has Sprung".
  20. Hello again! I started this thread to hear your personal opinions on each month of the year in terms of the weather and other environmental factors. Below are my opinions on each month: January - January is often a month of two halves for me. I think the first half is generally very miserable. The Christmas and New Year celebrations have ended and the daily routine of work and school restarts and generally the weather is quite dismal as the Atlantic train is still in full force. I also think daylight is a bit too short, but that get's better in the second half. The second half is much better, daylight is slightly longer and the Atlantic train weakens, meaning more in the way of proper wintry weather. February - February is the best winter month for me as it often promises the best chances of wintry weather. Darkness falls at around 17:00, which I think is perfect for winter and the relentless Atlantic train finally stops, meaning a much greater chance of snow and cold. March - March in my opinion is a very decent month. In years like 2013, it can be a lovely extension to winter and in years like 2012 and this year it can bring an early taste of late spring, or more impressively early summer, which considering some regard March as a winter month is really very remarkable. April - April is also a very pleasant month for me. It is the time when the sun is strengthening, daytime is now longer than night, and nature bursts into life and the clocks have sprung foward. It can again, also bring an early taste of summer. May - May is probably my second-favourite month because it can often be quite summery and days are now much longer than night. May can also promise the best weather in some years as the westerly usually haven't quite kicked into gear yet, June - June is often my favourite month. Days are very long and June is often the most summer-like month in the UK. (with the exception of 2012 of course) July - July is also a good month, but it is often when we get the "Return of the Westerlies" and it can often be quite cool and cloudy. However in years when July is dominated by a heat wave, I would say it replaces June in my preference list. August - August is ok, but it can often be ruined by westerly winds bringing rain and cloud. One thing it usually is good for though is torrential thunderstorms and is usually redeemed when the heavens open, along with the thunder and lightning. September - I often see September as the "calm before the storm" month as it can often be a lovely extension to summer, even though nights are longer than days at the end. In more recent years, I would say that September has been more summery than August. October - October can start off ok, but it usually turns sour very quickly especially as the Atlantic train kicks into gear. Only the Autumn leaves redeem it slightly. November - The worst month for me is November. It is a month dominated by the Atlantic's mild, wet and windy rubbish. The leaves have gone, the plants have died, the sky is grey... yeah, it's just depressing. December - A very decent month in my opinion. The festive season starts and the world generally feels closer together. Even though it often lacks wintry weather, the Christmas spirit makes it a lovely time of the year... along with the New Year's Eve parties. Well those are the months according to me. I'd like to hear what you think and of course, you don't have to go into as much detail as I have if you want.
  21. 26th February 2014 Rainbow

    From the album 26th February 2014

    This rainbow was perfectly inline with my bedroom window yesterday, also because of how large it was, I had to take 3 pictures to get it all... and I've "bodge-jobbed" the pictures, but you can get the idea.

    © Dale Hay

  22. Weather Books.

    Right.......I am feeling a teeny bit out of step regarding the understanding of weather charts, ensembles, FIs and goodness knows what else around here. Sooooo, can any of you guys recommend a book I could study and which shows you all the basic requirements of understanding charts and symbols etc. Thnks folks.
  23. Though I'd put a new topic here to tell you all about up and coming TV shows regards the weather or similar. If you know of any add them here or visit www.metfy.info 2014 Weather Related TV Shows: JANUARY 2014 Fri 10th Jan 6:00pm on H2 - Serial Killer Earth: Texas Twister Footage. Fri 10th Jan 7:30pm on BBC1 - Battered Britain: Storms, Tides and Floods. Sat 11th Jan 8:00pm on Disc Science - Raging Planet. Sat 11th Jan 9:00pm on Disc-science - Mega Storm: Worlds Biggest Typhoon. Sat 11th Jan 10:00pm on Disc-science - Hurricane Sandy: The Storm that Shook America. Sun 12th Jan 9:00pm on RTE, Twister (1996) Mon 13th Jan 7:00pm on Channel 5 - World's Scariest... Weather! Mon 13th Jan 8:00pm on Eden - Orbit: Earth's Extraordinary Journey Tue 14th Jan 9:00pm on BB4 - One Wild Winter: Surviving Avalanches. Tue 14th Jan 01:45am on BB4 - Hurricanes & Heatwaves: The highs and lows of British Weather. Wed 15th Jan 8:00pm on Nat Geo - Quake Threat UK. Wed 15th Jan 9:00pm on Nat Geo - Tornado Destruction: Caught on Camera. Wed 15th Jan 10.00pm on Nat Geo - Super Storm New York: What really happened. Thu 16th Jan 7:45pm on PBS America - Ice Pilots (Worst Weather Nature can Deliver) If in wrong place mods; move or inc to a similar as can not find one.
  24. The general situation now is we have a deep low pressure on the scene, NAE surface pressure: A southwesterly flow that is unstable is bringing frequent lines of showers (call them streamers if you like) these are very heavy downpours some thundery and some could contain hail, also very windy. I want to throw in the lifted index from GFS the yellow showing the unstable airmass moving into the SW: There has recently been thunderstorms in the SW. These unstable conditions spreading more over the BI today, I'm showing the LI charts as this will enhance the downpours this morning increasing the potential for thunderstorms and so more intense rainfall. please see the convective thread for more on the thunder. Currently there are some intense lines of thundery downpours of rain as seen on the latest radar, these are affecting much of England (particularly SW) and parts of S-Wales too. EURO4: Lines of precipitation, especially the SE and it's here where the most prolonged showers could affect today. NAE: The model indicates some potentially disruptive rainfall over parts of the south, with IOW, Hampshire, Sussex and Kent also Surrey and London areas potentially severe weather today, and also the next day needs watching closely too. For Western Scotland, ppn models indicating high ppn amounts here today. UKMO: This is for Wednesday 8th ^^ NAE accumulation 00z +48: (just updated the map to inclu SW for the deeper oranges after radar review) My map is based on latest radar and ppn accm charts for today and tomorrow. (Please note that I have put deeper orange over Southern areas due to radar review and downpours and thunderstorms currently active in places and expected to continue today, more prolonged rainfall at times over the next 48hrs over Southern UK) Also note that high ppn is shown to affect Western Scotland over the next 36-48hrs too) ESS.