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Found 11 results

  1. The prospect of a UK heatwave brings along excitement for me because I see high temperatures as a contributory ingredient towards a noteworthy thunderstorm. Now, given that many additional ingredients are required to aid thunderstorm development, what is the coolest day you've seen a severe thunderstorm crop up in? And no, thundersnow don't count unless it had severe elements.
  2. Post two photos to show the difference of this February and last year (late Feb. into early March) #BeastfromtheEast versus record breaking UK warmth (21.2c today in London 70F) Mine from East Lothian
  3. There have been bigger, and there have been stronger... but it's also going to be a lovely summer storm in the UK, so I figured it's worthy of its own thread.
  4. Hello all, ? As we all know, the UK is currently in a heatwave (July 27th). It is remarkable so far for not only its strength of the heat but the duration of the heatwave too (Since around June 19th to July 27th (Current),). The media is reporting interviews from UK meteorologists, asking why we are currently in a heatwave, with many answering that it is due to the jet stream marandering North to the UK, thus allowing hot air from a situated high-pressure system over Central Europe to divert up North towards the UK. That's all fine and dandy, but I ask "Why is the Jetstream maraunderi
  5. Captured this massive thunderstorm over Bolton on the 19th of July Was quite a thrilling lightshow and biggest storm i have seen
  6. From the album: Lake District Weather -

    From the Leeming Hotel looking down Ullswater Lake in Cumbria. Spring is very much here, lambs and daffodils.
  7. With not only winter tyres but Canadian snow tyres fitted to the 4x4, out in the high peak area of Derbyshire, I was prepared for as much snow as could be thrown at me. Well not me personally. With very little in the way of snow this year am I out of the woods yet in terms of snowfall? If I get through the rest of this month it may be time to put normal tyres back on. Anyone got any thoughts? Steve. Buxton. UK. https://forum.netweather.tv/gallery/image/19605-march-snow-13/
  8. From the album: Buxton High Peak Winter Snow 12/13

    This is the A53 from Buxton to Leek, crossing the county line just about here.
  9. Since there may be a Cold Winter will there be any cold,snowfall this winter since cornwall doesn't get a load of snowfall.
  10. Hello Guys and Good afternoon to you all There Will be a change next week.Making things nicely cold and Some snow (MAYBE) Lets begin the Discussion Right here and right now. Enjoy Ladies and Gentlemen....
  11. Hi guys, Following the discussion on here regarding the links between UK winters and the Eurasian snow buildup in autumn, I've decided to open a comparison topic. Specifically, we'll be comparing this years run up to winter with some of the previous autumn/winter data. As the weeks progress, I will add to this thread. Please contribute anything if you feel I've missed anything. Solar Situation More data plots available here. http://sidc.oma.be/sunspot-index-graphics/sidc_graphics.php 2010 Snow & Ice 2011 Snow & Ice 2012 Sn
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