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Found 19 results

  1. Post your tornado encounters here and tell us about the experience and what other phenomena you saw.
  2. Today marks the 20th anniversary of the May 3rd 1999 Oklahoma tornado outbreak that took 40 lives, the highest wind speed ever recorded and a significant portion of it was broadcast live most likely saving 10's if not 100's of lives. Oklahoma 1999 Tornado Outbreak.
  3. Details here https://www.weatherholidays.com/
  4. Tornado hit the city in Ukraine 28.7.2017 I think it was lv4 forming of tornado in krivoj Rog 2017 https://youtu.be/x3u9xR4HMdU
  5. Rare Tornado form in Ukraine... https://youtu.be/x3u9xR4HMdU
  6. Hi everyone I was on Tour 3 2017 and recorded daily videos for my YouTube channel which is Travel Related. Take a look for an insight into an amazing 10 days. Day 8 Amarillo - speechless! This is a compilation of all the intros - The full playlist is here - Storm Chasing Playlist:
  7. Some research on tornado tracks that may be of interest.... http://phys.org/news...ns-greater.html
  8. Just saw this on the BBC News site. Sorry if someone has already posted this but if not, what does everyone think- he's crazy right!? http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-26492720
  9. From the album: My Photos

    A screenshot from a video I took around the end of August 2013. The cloud was twisting into itself and sucking in more cloud from the right.
  10. Ok boys and girls. I guess we've all picked out our tours for next year, so here's a chance to list who's on what tour for 2014
  11. Team Jo

    Milsap Tornado

    From the album: Storm Chase T2 2013

    © Jo Lough

  12. IanM

    16 05 2013141

    From the album: Tour 2013 - The Fast Start (hopefully)

    The second tornado of the day touches down
  13. IanM


    From the album: Tour 2013 - The Fast Start (hopefully)

    Kaddy Lee-Preston and her first tornado!
  14. IanM

    16 05 2013136

    From the album: Tour 2013 - The Fast Start (hopefully)

    Lifted a little here
  15. IanM

    16 05 2013135

    From the album: Tour 2013 - The Fast Start (hopefully)

    First tornado of the season for the chase teams!
  16. From the album: Weather Studios

    The supercell storm near Piedmont, Oklahoma, that we'd been tracking from initiation, took on the form of the foreboding 'mothership' structure. Tried as it might, the storm seemed just fractionally too high to produce a tornado, but the mobile tornado sirens were issued just in case.

    © Weather Studios

  17. Hey can anyone help me on this, planning on going on one in 2014! I'd be really appreciative. Thankyou
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