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  1. The prospect of a UK heatwave brings along excitement for me because I see high temperatures as a contributory ingredient towards a noteworthy thunderstorm. Now, given that many additional ingredients are required to aid thunderstorm development, what is the coolest day you've seen a severe thunderstorm crop up in? And no, thundersnow don't count unless it had severe elements.
  2. As I'm sure you're aware, lightning bolts can display a wide variety of colours ranging from lilac, white and blue, to even more exotic colours like yellow, orange and even green. There are many causes for this wide variety of colours. This ranges from the temperature of the lightning to atmospheric and environmental conditions, as mentioned below: Lilac/purple lightning Lilac or purple-tinted lightning is usually the most commonly observed colour. It is often caused by precipitation, so the observation of it most likely means that the thunderstorm generating it will be a high-precipit
  3. Been searching around for pictures & videos of this supercell that brought down trees near Canterbury I believe & had golf-ball sized hail? All photo links I've found for it in past forums are dead & I'm interested if anyone still has any pics of it. Thanks. Please move if I've plopped this in the wrong area!
  4. Captured looking North just over Dartmoor

    © Ultimate Shot - Sam Whitfield

  5. whitty-southwest-uk

    July 2019

    Chase up to Exeter to catch the active storm cell producing lightning

    © Ultimate Shot - Sam Whitfield

  6. whitty-southwest-uk

    June 2018

    Shot just west of Plymouth looking south

    © Ultimate Shot - Sam Whitfield

  7. One of the best storms seen overlooking Plymouth as it tracks North from the English Channel

    © Ultimate Shot - Sam Whitfield

  8. Active Thunderstorms producing lots of fierce lightning just a mile north from Princetown, Dartmoor National Park, Devon

    © Ultimate Shot - Sam Whitfield

  9. After my first trip with Netweather, storm chasing in Canada and USA, a look back at what occurs on tour. https://www.netweather.tv/weather-forecasts/news/9774-storm-chasing-in-the-usa-and-canada---my-first-experience-as-a-storm-chaser?fbclid=IwAR0M4JVIbdEE00Rc2kyYBHy_N3hW-NK0Vcmh3sp0AbxX38sgSGa39nJJSTo
  10. Came across this channel a few years back when he was creating his own mine in the US, this video recently popped into my subscription box. He talks about the science behind why you can hear thunder underground before you can hear it through the air, really interesting topic.
  11. Greetings ^^ This is my first post ever here on this site ? Hope we get along well ^^ Here is some collections of videos showing a very loud thunderstorms in Kuwait ? Hope you enjoy it ? One of the videos has my lightning detector in action ^^ The third video has the lightning detector & also a lightning strike X) Reminding : At the beginning of every video is the beginning of each storm, so the thunder will get louder the more you proceed with the video ? Note : For better experience please wear your headphones - thanks!
  12. Hey there. In the debt-free, savings possessed-future I do fancy the idea of emigrating. Spain, albeit a cliche, will be the perfect compromise as I'm learning the lingo and it's not too far from the folks. Plus, storms potential of course Any similar thoughts?
  13. During the 28th the weather was rather humid, but there were no signs in our part of the approaching chaos that was to hit the hythe/kent area that night, even though the forecasts warned of possible storms. By late evening about 10pm, I could hear rumbles and decided to look outside to see if it was a Thunderstorm or just some old person putting the bin out. Sure enough from then on, it turned from the odd flash, to strikes and flashes every few mins. One of the most amazing storms I have ever seen in my life. What was really gutting though, was I didn't have a fully charged camera and missed
  14. Lightning from the 1st July 2015 thunderstorm from Irlam, UK
  15. Hey there. I grabbed a still from a YouTube video of a storm in Bournemouth and noticed some odd artifacts from the moment a close strike hits: Any ideas what these are? The original video is below and the screenshots were taken from 8:52. I'm sure the author won't mind me mentioning this here
  16. This video shows a thunderstorm roll through, along with a bunch of weird but interesting cloud formations. The storm was frontal.
  17. I'm one of those people who can feel so completely alive durng a thunderstorm but find them incredibly relaxing too. I know that people finding storms relaxin and using the sounds as sleep aids is incredibly common and I was wondering if anyone knew the science behind it?
  18. Hey all, I made a tornado compilation quite a while back (December 5th 2015) and I was very proud of my first compilation about tornadoes but, unfortunately it didn't get as much as attention I was hoping for on my youtube channel and that disappointed me a bit so I thought that I'll share it on here with people who have similar interests. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HC6wiS5GXkI sorry about the screen resolution I tried to fix it but It seemed that I'd have to start all over again to get it to fix with the correct resolution so I just kept it as it is.
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