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  1. Ian Docwra

    Vineyard In White

    Denbies Vineyard, above Dorking, Surrey. 24 January 2021.
  2. Ian Docwra

    Deserted A25

    Brockham, Surrey - the normally-very busy A25 trunk road succumbs to fresh snow on 24 January 2021.
  3. Ian Docwra

    The Right Type Of Snow!

    Brockham, Surrey - 25 January 2021.

    © Ian Docwra

  4. Ian Docwra

    Brockham, Surrey

    A Reading to Redhill train climbs from Dorking to Betchworth summit on 24 January 2021, just after heavy snow had stopped falling.

    © Ian Docwra

  5. Ian Docwra

    Snowy Surrey Sunset

    25 January 2021.

    © Ian Docwra

  6. A rare combination of snow and cloudless skies in Surrey at the partially-frozen fishing lake below Betchworth Castle, Surrey. 25 January 2021.

    © Ian Docwra

  7. Ian Docwra

    Snow Moon

    Home in NE Surrey. Snow fell heavily on 24 January 2021 and the sky cleared that night to allow a waxing gibbous moon to shine brightly.

    © Ian Docwra

  8. Ian Docwra

    Piled High

    From the album: Ian Docwra

    Our garden when we lived in Epsom, Surrey, just after the exceptional snow of February 2009 had stopped falling.

    © Ian Docwra

  9. Ian Docwra

    No Trains.

    From the album: Ian Docwra

    Epsom, Wells summit - February 2009. The down line has disappeared under the snow and the up is not far behind.

    © Ian Docwra

  10. Ian Docwra

    Fun Run!

    From the album: Ian Docwra

    3 February 2009. Epsom Common, Surrey. Around 30cm of snow on the ground and still falling.
  11. From the album: Ian Docwra

    Male fox cub from our garden family (born 2020) enjoying some free food on 26.01.2021.

    © Ian Docwra

  12. Ian Docwra

    The Doorman

    From the album: Ian Docwra

    A closed pub still needs security!

    © Ian Docwra

  13. From the album: Ian Docwra

    The rarity of a cloudless day with good snow cover in Surrey!

    © Ian Docwra

  14. From the album: Ian Docwra

    After around an hour of snow falling. 75m ASL.

    © Ian Docwra

  15. From the album: Ian Docwra

    © Ian Docwra

  16. 24 January 2021 - Brockham, near Dorking, Surrey. Snow falling at an unusually high rate onto frosty ground gave 12cm in 90 minutes.

    © Ian Docwra

  17. So this is it, the end of winter. Time to look forward to Spring..... Wait, what's this? Apparently not. So for the time being, we will remain as one for this cold spell. Plenty of potential for substantial snowfall, initially from the east and maybe later from fronts from the south. Possibly 10-20cm up to early Thursday, no point talking about depths for the front later on Thursday but if it does arrive like the UKMO there there could be real carnage. Anyway, best of luck for everyone in the region. Just a request please, be civil as per the usual notions of sho
  18. Please continue here.... link to the previous thread - http://forum.netweather.tv/topic/79703-south-east-england-east-anglia-regional-weather-discussion-130314/page-41 So, who's looking forward to the milder weekend and what are you all going to be doing?
  19. Please continue your regional weather based discussions here: Link to the previous thread: http://forum.netweather.tv/topic/79592-south-east-england-east-anglia-regional-weather-discussion-010314/page-40 ......and a reminder of the Met Office warnings for Fog which may be slow to clear in a few places particularly coastal areas but should thin and lift for most giving us another dry day with sunny spells.. Yellow Warning of Fog for London & South East England : Bracknell Forest, Brighton and Hove, Buckinghamshire, East Sussex, Greater London, Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Kent
  20. Here we are ....a nice new 'spring clean' thread (as it's officially Spring in Meteorological terms) there are a few definitions of when Spring officially begins the Solar Spring actually began about a month ago (not that you would have noticed really). The Solar seasons are determined by the length of daylight hours. Here in the UK our shortest days are between November and January, and this is classed as the Solar Winter - hence the Solar Spring begins in February. The Astronomical seasons are determined by the tilt of the Earth on it's axis. The Astronomical Spring begins on the Vernal
  21. Please continue your weather related regional chats here link to the previous thread.... http://forum.netweather.tv/topic/79450-south-east-england-east-anglia-regional-weather-discussion-150214/page-43
  22. Please continue your regional weather chats here.. link to the previous thread: http://forum.netweather.tv/topic/79425-south-east-england-east-anglia-regional-weather-discussion-130214/page-71#entry2933200
  23. Please continue your regional weather chat here... link to the previous thread - http://forum.netweather.tv/topic/79398-south-east-englandeast-anglia-regional-weather-discussion-100214/page-39 Off to CMK shops in the morning to get myself a pair of these...
  24. Please use this thread for your meteorological musings in the South East and East Anglia region... link to the previous one here.... http://forum.netweather.tv/topic/79352-south-east-englandeast-anglia-regional-weather-discussion-070214/page-40 and for an idea of what to expect over the next few days... ..more of the same I'm afraid http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/warnings/#?tab=map&map=Warnings&zoom=5&lon=-3.50&lat=55.50&fcTime=1392163200
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