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Found 29 results

  1. With only a couple of days left of Summer,views on it as usual will vary wildly depending on where you 'hang your hat' and your preference for Summer weather. I think sometimes views on above average and below average for Summer or Winter can be skewed with expectancy of all wanting bitter cold and snow or long hot summer days. So grading the summer here on your preference and the traditional view of a summer 'success' i.e warmth and sunshine for where you live might work well? As a SouthEast Englander my view on the period between June and September is overall positive in terms of what I want from a Summer. I prefer Summer with heatwaves interspersed with storms,so my view on it is based on those criteria. A lack of thunderstorms a negative for sure,but two spells of incredible heat as a positive with a general trend of warmth and sunshine on the Sussex coast. Notable collapses with Autuminal conditions mid August and some of June put this Summer in the Average category for personal preference and the traditional view.
  2. If you had to choose between it being, say, 17° and Partly Cloudy with a stiff westerly breeze, or 22° and Overcast with light winds, which would you choose and why? Do you prefer it how it's been this week (when its not been raining) ie cool, sunny, breezy or how it was at the start of August (warm but mostly cloudy)? A lot of people on here seem to be more bothered about temperatures than sunshine totals, but I've seen a couple of people complaining about the apparent lack of sunshine in London this summer, despite it being quite a warm summer temperature-wise. However, in real life, people seem to be more bothered about the sunshine than the apparent temperature. Take today for example - it was very cool this morning in Manchester but I saw lots of people in shorts and t-shirts. Thursday here was mostly sunny but quite windy and very cool and just 15°C. Yet I saw quite a few in summer clothes. Yet I remember a week last Friday when it was warm but cloudy and wet, I saw quite a few in thick coats despite the temperature being above 20°C! There's also been many days when it's been cool temps but when the suns come out people have gone "the suns come out, it's boiling now" but when it's been warm temps but overcast people have complained about the gloom. I think I prefer it warm and cloudy over cool and sunny, because you can wear light clothing without being reliant on the sun for warmth. Whereas if it's cool and sunny, and you're only wearing a t-shirt and shorts because of the sun, as soon as the sun goes in or the wind gets up, you're going to feel a chill. Also, cloud is good at holding heat in at night, which means that temperatures don't suddenly plummet as soon as the sun goes down. A rather odd question I know, but I'd be interested to know which people prefer.
  3. Jack Billy

    Discover the Sea!

    Check out the 27 most beautiful beaches in the world according to Forbes.
  4. Hello everyone, I've just introduced this new topic about Greece. As you may know Greece doesn't mean just sun, fair weather and beaches. Furthermore, the very complicated orography can affect the weather from a place to another even if the distance is just a few Kilometers. So, I will use this topic to prove what I said . Of course, if anyone has any comments, queries or even matterial from Greece, he/she can upload.
  5. Alixzandra

    Mirror image

    A photograph I took at Sheffield Park, with sky and trees mirrored in the crystal clear lake.

    © Alixzandra

  6. Xathaos

    Weymouth Harbour

    I took this photograph in the summer of 2016 when I visited Weymouth. It was a very warm day and I had just got back onto the promenade after a speed boat tour of the bay. I like the vibrantly coloured houses on the opposite side of water, with the boats towering in the foreground.

    © Jake Earley

  7. vizzy2004


    From the album: SNOW

    Cool summers evening led to an inversion and fog/mist settling in the valley bottoms.
  8. Poll number 4 of the summer. The average guess from the last poll was 3.54 million, up from 3.03 million in May, but with a lot less votes. After a slow melt in June, most extent and area measures are mixed, with 2016 somewhere between lowest and 3rd lowest on record. With volume, 2012 now has a clear lead, while 2016 now sits in 3rd, quite close to 2010, 2011 and 2013. With the weather looking highly favourable for melt over the next 10 days, lowest on record is still very much a possibility. Here are the daily minima since 2000, and the 80s and 90s averages. 80s 6.963 90s 6.423 2000 5.943 2001 6.567 2002 5.625 2003 5.969 2004 5.770 2005 5.314 2006 5.746 2007 4.147 2008 4.548 2009 5.047 2010 4.590 2011 4.333 2012 3.340 2013 5.040 2014 4.988 2015 4.341 As always, voting is set to private.
  9. From the album: Sunsets

    Sunset looking west from the Malvern hills, 13th August 2015, the evening before thunderstorms forecast
  10. If I'm honest, June 2012 was by far the worst summer month of recent years, and probably one of the most miserable months in general. It was the wettest June on record and was also a very cool June, with low daytime maximas. The CET came out at 13.5C, which is 0.6C below the 1961-90 average. This was only held up by the higher than average minimas. It was also remarkably dull.
  11. Convective

    Beach Retreat

    From the album: Isle of Man Scenics

    © 2014 Joshua Risker

  12. Yes I know it's only mid-April, but I think it's a good time to start asking "what do you want for summer" as late April and May can often be quite summery. You can select more than one option in the poll, just in case you want a few weather types. For example, I chosen heatwaves and thunderstorms - 'cause let's face it, it's what a summer should be!
  13. I was just thinking and i have never really looked up about it but is there anyway to predict a hot summer? it will be nice !! love the summer and im getting bored of this winter already.
  14. I was just thinking about my favourite season and why, and was wondering on other peoples opinions. Mine is Winter!
  15. Dommy

    Bee on lavender

    From the album: Images of Summer

    Managed to take a macro shot of a bee. They are very tricky to photograph.

    © 2013 © Dominic Wade

  16. Dommy

    Bee on lavender

    From the album: Images of Summer

    Managed to take a macro shot of a bee

    © 2013 © Dominic Wade

  17. Dommy

    Bee on lavender

    From the album: Images of Summer

    Managed to take a macro shot of a bee

    © 2013 © Dominic Wade

  18. We need to move with the times so i thought it was time to start discussion about Summer. The Winter thread was onto part 3 in early October so my thoughts are now turning towards what Summer might deliver this year. Hopefully plenty of heat, high pressure and thundery plumes.
  19. Convective

    Peel Sunset

    From the album: Isle of Man Scenics

    Sunset at Peel, Isle of Man.

    © Joshua Risker

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