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  1. From the album: General Weather Shots

    Formed rapidly from a convergence line.
  2. Captured looking North just over Dartmoor

    © Ultimate Shot - Sam Whitfield

  3. whitty-southwest-uk

    June 2018

    Shot just west of Plymouth looking south

    © Ultimate Shot - Sam Whitfield

  4. One of the best storms seen overlooking Plymouth as it tracks North from the English Channel

    © Ultimate Shot - Sam Whitfield

  5. Well, it's an idea - Storm Chasers - early access on steam https://store.steampowered.com/app/862800/Storm_Chasers/ initially, quite a lot of negative reviews, but people say this has potential, if you fancy getting into a storm chasing game, to provide feedback to the development, it could be worth a shot. I'm currently umm'ing about maybe checking it out
  6. Storm & Convective Forecast Issued 2018-08-06 21:33:50 Valid: 07/08/2018 00z to 08/08/2018 00z THUNDERSTORM OUTLOOK - TUESDAY 7TH AUGUST 2018 Synopsis North Atlantic upper trough will begin to amplify S and SE across the far west of Britain during Tuesday, with a strengthening upper flow across the UK – as SWly jet stream shifts S and E across the UK. Ahead of the jet streak, a weak surface cold front will progress slowly east, to lie North York Moors - West Sussex by 00z Weds. A very hot, humid and increasingly unstable airmass ahead of the cold fr
  7. A new thread for all things convective around the UK going into the summer of 2018. Old thread here: Convective weather relating to Europe should go into here: A chance of a few thunderstorms this week with central and southern parts of England and Wales looking most at risk. Although Monday is now moving into the reliable timeframe it is still too early to discuss specifics for the week as a whole. It is likely though that this week will provide some thundery showers or storms for a few of us. An easterly flow will probably favour more western areas for home grown storms, but
  8. As requested by @Dami, a new thread for the new convective season. Reckon I'll be spending a bit of time in here
  9. Hello everyone, I've just introduced this new topic about Greece. As you may know Greece doesn't mean just sun, fair weather and beaches. Furthermore, the very complicated orography can affect the weather from a place to another even if the distance is just a few Kilometers. So, I will use this topic to prove what I said . Of course, if anyone has any comments, queries or even matterial from Greece, he/she can upload.
  10. Hello and welcome to the brand new thread and maybe the first one for 2015. To everyone on netweather have a happy new year. However back to on topic things some models are showing storms ( fine detail will come later as some go out to deep unreliable time-frame or whatever you want to call I am not talking about the new year's storm so here is a link to the new year's storm discussion below https://forum.netweather.tv/topic/82129-new-years-day-possible-storm/ So let's use the soon to be main GFS model the GFS Parallel which will soon replace the old GFS which is still in
  11. On holiday in the wonderful island of Skiathos at the moment. Thunderstorms have been forecast for a while now, on Friday and Saturday. Something striking has appeared on the Euro4 models. They show over 300mm of rain falling on Skiathos in two separate times. Surely this can't be right, is Skiathos in for thunder and how severe will it be...?
  12. It's a shame about yesterday but we all may have another chance tonight and tomorrow. So here's another new thread for a new day. Good Luck everybody.
  13. A nice new thread folks. We are looking at a possibility of storms over the next few days. So please carry on the discussion here and good good luck everyone.
  14. From the album: Storms of Winter 2013/14

    A walker gets a little closer to the sea than he wanted to when taking his dogs for a walk along the coast.

    © 2014 Joshua Risker

  15. Coast

    IMG 0655

    From the album: Winter 2013 to 2014

    Between the storms - Eastbourne seafront at high tide, 12.15pm, 3rd January 2014

    © © Coast 2014

  16. New thread here folks. Here's hoping the rest of Autumn will provide before we head into winter! I'm still waiting......lol
  17. Ok...this is a long shot but I figured this was the place to ask. Has anyone got a list of, or remembers any storms in the York area for the years 1990/97. I used to have but my note books got lost when I moved. Someone is keen to know on a York site. I can remember some, like months, times and sometimes days but not specific dates. Or does anyone know where I might find that info'? Thanks folks, K
  18. From the album: Weather Studios

    A double strike of lightning just to the right of our vehicle as the most dominant storm in the area approached from ahead. This was taken just outside the town of Floydada in Texas where we pulled over in a lay-by and let the storm pass over us.

    © Weather Studios

  19. From the album: Weather Studios

    As this supercell storm neared the town of Piedmont, Oklahoma it joined up with another storm in the area and became a monster supercell. We were managed to keep in front of this storm and had just seconds to capture the amazing structure before the outflow winds hit from the leading edge of the storm.

    © Weather Studios

  20. From the album: Weather Studios

    The supercell storm near Piedmont, Oklahoma, that we'd been tracking from initiation, took on the form of the foreboding 'mothership' structure. Tried as it might, the storm seemed just fractionally too high to produce a tornado, but the mobile tornado sirens were issued just in case.

    © Weather Studios

  21. From the album: Weather Studios

    The fantastic structure of this classic supercell storm was only visible when lit up by it's own lightning. The photo was taken just after dusk on the Front Range in Colorado.

    © Weather Studios

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